Preparing ahead of Belgian Media Interviews ahead of Scifi lab - use as springboard for reef


The major francophone Belgian Media are interviewing @alberto ahead of econ scifi this and next week . @noemi you should have your comms person pick up with Alberto on when the interviews are and get the url/hashtag/social media account of the publication - to send people you want to engage in the Reef towards that stuff.

Present Edgeryders in tems of the work being done in Belgium

These interviews are a unique opportunity to signal that we are here and open for business in Belgium.

So this is the presentation I would go with:

Edgeryders is an organisation that is prototyping new, economically viable, models for healthy, happy and green living in cities. Edgeryders develops new science and technologies to help us do this in a structured, evidence based way that is also accessible to people from different backgrounds - you dont have to have a phd to participate. Our approach has the added benefit of building consensus around a shared mission, and unlocking multilateral collaborations.

We have developed and tested our methods and technologies through our work with top universities in europe, local administrations and organisations such as the World Bank, UNDP and Rockefeller Foundation. Right now our work is based in Belgium because we think that is it the perfect place to build these new approaches because of the diversity: it is a perfect microcosm of the diverse range of needs that our solutions have to meet in order to be viable and replicable elsewhere.

Mention Notable successes:

  • Has influenced the design of the new Belgian Strategy for International Development and Cooperation.
  • Mentioned by Italian Daily La Repubblica as having played a role in the Economic growth of the Italian City of Matera,
  • Has been involved in the successful bids for European Capital of Culture of the cities of Matera and Galway

DO Name drop:

Notable members include Robin Chase, Founder of Zipcar, Amelia Andersdotter former MEP for the Swedish Pirate Party and Digital Rights activist, Fabrizio Barca - Ex General Director of division chief at the research department of the Bank of Italy and chief of the department of development and cohesion policies at the treasury with previous tenures as chief at the research department of the Bank of Italy,and the president of the OECD’s territorial policies committee.

Make sure the journalist includes the link to the Eventbrite page: NOT the indiegogo:


Yuhuu. Thanks for the headsup @nadia.

Ping @ralu if you can keep an eye on this it would be great - perhaps for the posts planned for Mon/Tue.

The Econ Sci Fi Seminar is the highest profile event edgeryders has done so far, happens next Monday in Brussels. Alberto, who is also The Reef initiator, is behind this and will also be front stage, along with C Doctorow (sci fi author) and the moderator (CEO of Climate KIC - the org funding both this event and the Reef). Let me know if you have questions, happy to help!

Also: Please note that this is the result of working with a locally embedded PR professional Karel Goethals who was recommended to us by @rmdes (Merci beaucoup).


Noted! But one of the interviews is for radio (5 minutes, so don’t expect a lot). In terms of the link, I will send it to the journalist.

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what @noemi can do to prepare is to make a version of this press kit in french in which the description of what edgeryders is is adapted to the above. This needs to be done today if you are to make it in time.

Add urls + visuals and photos both for

  • econ scifi (eventbrite only) and
  • for the reef (needs to be in french)

@alberto the url to share with the guy just before your interview is the link to the post/wiki @noemi will have prepared today. Please ping me when you have the dirst draft ready @noemi so I can check for any inconsistencies, correct links etc.

Karel is doing good work. I am impressed that he could get this stuff in so little time.

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Also has to do with good preparation. I had prepared a solid presskit for him in French produced by a copywriter, high res photos etc. You can use this as the template for what you need to give PR pros if you want to have press coverage in the future; Scifi Econ Lab Communications Kit: En français

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The interview is at 18.00, so I will send him a link at 17.30. Realistically, we will need to use an existing one. Eventbrite then?

Huh? Yes yes of course - but the presskit with focus on Belgium is what I am referring to. That this needs to be prepared by @noemi pretty much now

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Can only do this tomorrow, will try to patch something together.
Unfortunately our site is not up to date with the FR/NL,… ideally that would have been the one to link to.