Preparing for 1st Lote community call

Brief overview of Lote progress:

We launched the event with a call for commitment 3 weeks ago, which resulted in 27 participants registered so far, team included. We have set up a lote wordpress microsite at for overview & communication outwards, as well as nice graphic materials.

What is needed now, before issuing more calls for participation, is set up a routine to work together & especially to prepare the sessions: propose & start curate event tracks. Luckily many volunteers have said they’d like to help with that…

Communication wise, IMO a major priority is start getting friendly with Materans, translate a call or at least post something in Italian in the Matera 2019 Community. We have to think about what the message is, how Edgeryders are positioned by coming to Matera.

Here is the tentative schedule for Friday (RSVP here for community call on Friday June 21st, 9am CET)

1. Introduction of who everyone is: prepare a 3 minute intro about yourself, what you do and what you would like to learn at LOTE
2. A little background intro about existing content. What else would you like to see there?
3. A little background intro about the practical work, logistics, fundraising etc what needs to be done and how?