Preparing high quality communication materials for OpenCare during #lote5

Hi everyone!

During lote5 we have a unique opportunity to produce high quality, engaging, communication materials for the OpenCare project. The objective of doing so is to make it easier for everyone on the team to communicate the work we are doing, inspire others to get involved, and draw widespread interest and support towards this ambitious initiative. But we cannot do this without the active participation of everyone on the team. So I would like to ask you to do three things ahead of LOTE5

1. Let me know if you can make it to this storytelling session (click on the blue attend button):

2. Think about your own personal answers to three questions as you would explain them to your grandparents: What is your understanding of what OpenCare is - why should they care about it? | What will you be exploring/doing in the project- how will you be working? | What activities you will be running - who do you want to get involved and why?

3. Let me know what you think about deciding on the final OpenCare conference location and date in time for announcing it at LOTE? We are to organise the final conference for the OpenCare project in 2017. I wanted to suggest building the next edition of living on the edge, LOTE6, entirely around OpenCare and announcing it when everyone meets in Brussels next month. If everyone agrees this is a good idea, then the obvious place to host this would be in Milano, but this depends on a number of factors. What do you think?

Hi Nadia!

Unfortunately Lucia and I (Comune di Milano) will leave Brussels Saturday in the early afternoon. Sorry for this, but we will not be able to participate to the Storytelling session, which seems promising…

Ok, we’ll think about the three questions you mentioned :slight_smile:

…and finally: it would be great to host the final Conference in Milan…Let’s talk about it!


Not a problem

About the storytelling: I will check the dates and times, and propose a schedule that works for everyone on the OpenCare team. Maybe we do a mini workshop just for us :slight_smile:

About the final conference: Can you check which, if any, of the following the city administration could provide (either directly or through some partnership with local third parties e.g. foundations or companies)?

  1. Venue

  2. Catering

  3. Film/camera team (to produce video trailer before event and documentation during )

4… Coordination, outreach and engagement support (press release, print materials etc)

  1. An award ceremony a for OpenCare challenge winners

  2. Travel and accommodations for curators and speakers

Final Conference in Milan

Hi Nadia!

Milan City Council would have any problem offering a venue for the final conference and also for an award ceremony for OpenCare challenge winners.

Also on item 4 we can perhaps draw some in-house services.

As regards the other items, we should cover those services with our project budget.

Therefore, we should consider whether we will have budget available to cover part of the costs, once we’ll have implemented all of the activities foreseen by the project…

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Ok 1 year enough time to work those things out, no?

If I have the go ahead from the City of Milan that you/they will be an official partner for the event, then I can start preparing the communication materials from now. Will share with everyone to comment, suggest changes/make additions well in time for us to have arrived at a nice “package” to announce at LOTE5. Works?

Sounds good…

Many thanks from Milan!

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Feb 28

Hi Nadia,

Q1. Feb 28 (morning) is when I return from Brussels … I won’t be able to merge with the LOTE crowd and add my grain of salt. (Note however that I’ll be there all day Sat – I had originally planned and announced I would have to fly back on Sat).

Q2. I have tried myself quite a few times now at explaining what OpenCare is about and what we’ll be doing. I certainly plan on getting a clearer views of how we’ll all interact to reach our goals (not to mention deliverables and milestones :slight_smile: during our Brussels meeting.

Q3. Well it seems we are on the way of having a global agenda ready quite soon.


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