Preparing the interim report

Next week (Oct 10 - Oct 14)

Available on

  • Monday (except 2Pm - 3pm)
  • Tuesday (except 11am - noon)

11 afternoon only

Still on the road…

Comune di Milano

Dear @Luce

For us it’s ok 7,10,11,12 October from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

see you


Call tomorrow (Tuesday) 2pm

Hello @melancon and @Rossana_Torri and @Franca and @Alberto

Let’s schedule the call tomorrow at 2pm.

Link to the hangout:

Apologies everyone

My flight into Brussels was delayed. I only tried the hangout at 15.00, and you all had obviously left. I will liaise with @LuceChiodelliUB as needed.

On my calendar

I will be there. 30 mins enough?


Should be enough, yes.


hello @LucechiodelliUB

ok for today at 2.00 pm!

I’ll be there. Thanks