Preparing the Resilient Livelihoods Summit & Pre-Event signup & program

What is happening during the summit and how can I get involved?

Here is where we put together the texts for the event descriptions, registration form and invitation to participate in the events

To do: Prepare the summit invitation + signup form

  1. Create events for the sessions people already proposed here.
  2. Make signup form (ticket for post/responses to question + offer to help either by setting up session, doing documentation or helping promote it)
  3. Make signup Email confirmation onboarding text
  4. Create invitations for the listening sessions + send to target audiences
  5. Turn the text with background info from the summit description into the first editorial post announcing the summit and calling for participation with link to signup form
  6. Publish summit landing page with signup form/onboarding funnel + events
  7. Edit Replace “feeling boxed in” with info + link to registration for the summit link to the summit + link to summit landing page
  8. Write a text to invite other organisations to partner with us around this effort

@noemi and @owen will need your help with :point_up_2:t5:
Noemi: Creating event placeholders/short descriptions on the platform for the sessions people already have proposed
Owen: Setting up the registration form - we would like people to get a ticket in exchange for writing a personal introduction in the form of thoughtful blog post related to the subject matter on our online forum prior to the event.

  1. Register to participate in the event ( The purpose is for the participants to identify what the key questions are to bring up during the real time event. As well as for the community managers to meaningfully help people make new contacts before and after the event.

  2. Sign themselves up as organisers of online listening sessions such as the one that was organised by Alberto on the surveillance pandemic - (same format, but topics of their own choosing)

Follow up/ confirmation email should help them complete the registration and prompt them to…

  1. Help us to get word out to a much larger audience. Ideally by sending a personal invitation to people whom they believe should be involved.
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Cool, we’ll have the basic site up today with the registration form.

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Good, it will have to be Monday morning though <3

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Can I get clear on something:

We have

  1. Event description and invitation on the platform
  2. Registration form on a funnel site
  3. Platform event links to the registration form.
  4. Participant onboarding after they register to participate (and from other interactions on - blog posts and questions they would like to bring
  5. Participants get tickets.

Is that so?

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Just flagging that there is now a general Join form which might need some small changes. ignore the following if it is work in progress anyway :slight_smile:

Suggestion: change the wording to Register. And also in the site text here into:

How to Register for the Summit. Joining is easy and free, simply complete this form and you’ll be registered.

  • include Q: Which session would you like to participate in?
  • ’ Registering will create an account on Edgeryders for you.’ change to:
    ‘If you don’t yet have an account on, Registering will create one for you.’
  • finally, the terms of service need an important addition - the Consent Form - text here.

Where is the registration form going?

I filled it in today but the input did not land in the edgeryders gmail, and no confirmation or response back to me,

So what happens if people sign up and they are not onboarded?
If this is not ready, I strongly suggest we remove the Registration link from the Summit sessions and Program and find an alternative.

cc @johncoate @MariaEuler @amelia re: onboarding

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it goes into an airtable access to which I can give you

Thanks, but I see that Edgeryders has an account, there’s no need for me to register too.
Is it possible to have it added here?

done now…

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