Presentation 24/10: who would be willing to help out?

Here’s a post with a couple of practical things regarding the presentation next Monday (24/10).

So far we have 75 individuals who have registered, which means the room will most likely be full (40-50 people expected to show up). It’s not a complicated undertaking, but especially at the beginning and at the end it’s not a luxury to be 4 people to take care of all the logistics.

@RalfWetzel, @Sophie_Beese and @Sarah: can you please confirm you are still in?

@Pieter: are you coming too? If yes, would you be willing to take the lead and make sure everything gets done? I made a step-by-step list below. If not, no problem eh.

0. Preparation

  • Get the keys: done (Lie)
  • Buy beers and juice for 45 people (?)
  • Send out last confirmation email (Lie)
  • Answer to people’s emails (Lie)
  • Print list of people who registered (Lie)
  • Bring box with coins (Lie)

1. Getting the room ready (18:00 - 19:00)

What needs to get done?
  • Help Alberto to carry some stuff from his place to Brutopia (?)
  • Install the laptop, clicker, beamer and screen (Alberto)
  • Put all the chairs available (55) in front of the screen
  • Put the drinks in the fridge (around the corner from the bar)
Quick dinner

Usually we go to the friterie around the corner and have a quick dinner around 18:45. If you’d like to join in, please send me what you would like via a PM on Signal.

2. Welcoming people (19:00 - 19:30)

  • We need one welcomer at the door to ask people to confirm their email address.
  • We need 1-2 people to manage the bar and serve drinks
  • Does anybody have a portable speaker so we can play some music?

3. Presentation (19:30 - 20:15)

  • I have updated my slides, but mostly I plan to do the same as before.
  • Preview: Nextcloud

4. Q&A (20:15 - 20:45)

  • Also more or less the same as usual, but maybe one of the new Reeflings would want to join in to give their perspective on certain things? Maybe you @RalfWetzel?

5. Drinks (20:45 - ?)

  • After the presentation we need to move the screen and the chairs, so that it becomes easier for people to move around;
  • It would also be great if 1-2 people could take care of the bar.

6. Cleaning up

  • The room needs to be left behind like we found it.
  • Screen, beamer, and left-over drinks need to be carried to Alberto’s place.

7. Follow-up

  • Send out the survey to everybody who attended (Lie)
  • Bring back the key (Alberto)

Yes I’m in! I’m not sure what time I’ll finish work… my eta would be something like 6 or 7pm, but I cannot commit more specifically…

We do but I’m not sure if it would be strong enough… and if I wouldn’t forget it! So yes if only option but best not…

Happy to help, but maybe not the all evening… could we take turns? So more 3-4 people if possible?

I can help

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That’s a wonderful plan, Lie! I’ll be on site around 6.30pm snd happy to jump into anything that needs to be done.
Thanks a ton for being the engine!

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Same for me - help to help with whatever needs doing (chairs, welcoming people, bar) from 6.30 onwards.

Yup, I’ll be coming too.

I’m willing to go shopping for drinks, but I don’t have a car. Anyone here who is willing to drive? :slight_smile:

I can also help to carry the stuff from Alberto’s place to Brutopia.

I think between @Lee and I we are good. Last time it was harder because the drinks were at my place too.

Unfortunately don’t have access to a car either (although I’m gonna check with my coloc…)

Otherwise let’s just keep it simple and go to the shop at the other side of the road?

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Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. Just getting drinks from that shop is gonna be the easiest :slight_smile:

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Hi guys. Just a little heads up that I’m not feeling super well this afternoon… Not totally sure anymore that I will make it tonight…
But if I feel rested enough, I’ll try to join, even if a little later.
Good luck with the last stint! You’re gonna be great I’m sure and the presentation is gonna be Formidable! :star_struck: :heartpulse:



So, I’m a bit curious :slight_smile: How did it go ? @Lee, @alberto @sophie @RalfWetzel @pieter ?


Very well, I think. 80+ people registered, 50+ people in the room, lots of questions, some people looked highly motivated. Lie gave them a very tight timeline: the survey is going out today, deadline 29 October. On 5 November, we have the Get To Know Each Other workshop, and by 15 December people need to apply for associate membership. So, by the end of this week we will know more.

On Monday I am doing a mini-presentation to a few people who were very interested, but could not make the presentation.


I also think it went well. We had 65 households who registered (89 individuals) and 35 households who showed up.

What is remarkable when you look at the registration form is that from the people who registered before 7 October hardly anybody showed up, while starting from then (so 17 days in advance) the show-up rate is close to 80%.

Compared to the previous presentations I think this one was probably the best one for me. I think people appreciated Ralf’s testimonial, to get a personal perspective on the what and the why. I also liked the fact that we were 5 to get the job done, it really makes a difference. Thanks all!

As for the follow-up:

  • I sent everybody who attended an email with a link to the presentation and to the survey to register for the workshop on 5 November (I wish I could share the link to the form - we already have one registration! - but there is a technical problem that I can’t solve)
  • I have updated the website
  • I brought back the key, learned about the lights and asked whether the room is free for the 5th of November

Great news and insights on the process! Thanks Lie!

If @reef-it cannot help you, is it possible to send a follow up email with the link? Happy to help with that if that’s the solution!

Everything is under control. I just made the mistake to save the survey on the old Reef drive, which I cannot share with people other than Alberto, Manuel and Ugne.

Once the deadline is past (31/10) I’ll copy/paste the input to Nextcloud.

So far we have 4 households who registered.

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