Presentation follow-up

I spoke to a Julien at the presentation, he seems cool. Can’t do either day, but happy to contact him.

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Thanks Alberto!

@manuelpueyo and @alberto - if you are not meeting your exploratory members before next Tuesday, could you please invite them to the plenary meeting that day. It is the only one before they need to make a decision about becoming an associate member, so a good opportunity for them to meet the rest of the crew.

Either Ryan or Lea will be attending, who I met with yesterday, and I have invited Caroline and Patrick, who are the fourth people to fill in the survey post-presentation, and who Sarah is making contact with to meet.



Done. Will let you know what he says.

Julien will participate in the plenary (but I will not). Trying to find out where we are meeting, so I can schedule a one-on-one just before it (saves on his time and logistics).


I could also do a one one one with him on saturday if this helps you @alberto , i am planning to go to jette/wemmel where he lives.

With the new recruitment system that we’re trying, the deadline for current exploratory members to apply for associate membership is this Friday (the 12th). Could all the people who have been doing one-on-ones with them (who are technically their current buddies) reach out and make yourselves available to answer any questions they might have, about the project or the process of applying. The current buddies are:

Ryan and Lea (Chris)
Julien (@Alberto)
Adriana (@manuelpueyo)
Caroline and Patrick (@Sarah)

Two things to take note of:

Not many of the exploratory members have signed up for Edgeryders and/or Nextcloud, which means they can’t access everything, and they can’t be tagged with regard to what’s currently happening in terms of events, or anything else.

And according to the Onboarding Manual, they should be filling in three documents (Personal presentation fiche, Skills and experiences doc and Registry of Members) during the exploratory stage, but actually this can be done after requesting associate membership now. Having said that, those who are keen to take the next step by this Friday should fill in these docs as soon as possible, so that we can use them for finalising the teams set up by the next plenary.



I created Nextcloud accounts for:

  • Julien
  • Adriana
  • Caroline
  • Lea
  • Ryan

All these received emails with their login credentials. I also asked Caroline to provide me with Patrick’s address, so I can do the same with him.


Hi @reeflings !

We’ve had 5 households fill in the survey following last week’s presentation.

Mieke has met with me and will be attending the plenary on Wednesday.
Laure will meet with Manuel soon, and is also planning on being there on Wednesday.

Two household are getting back to me soon about their availability to meet for a one-on-one with a full member (Florence and Johan/Liza).

The last household is Janet and Victor, who live in Schaerbeek. Could one of the @reef-full members volunteer to meet with them. Here are there availabilities:

For having the meeting with a Reef member we are available the following days:
- anytime next Sunday 11th
- evening of Tuesday 13th
- evening of Friday 16th
We live in Schaerbeek but we can move by bike or public transport easily.

You can contact them via the Reef email…



Thanks @ChrisM ! Additionally, after talking to @Sophie_Beese, I decided to offer a “private” presentation (only me, no reason to disturb anyone else) to two more households who registered, then cancelled their participation at the latest one. Tentatively scheduled for Monday 12th. If this does not go through, then I can volunteer for Janet and Victor. If it does, I’d rather pass.

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let me know if this goes through @alberto , i have one person (carole ) who wrote me showing her interest

Manuel, to save time, why do you not forward to Carole the email I sent to Justin and Emily? You will find it in the Protonmail, under “sent”, header “Extra presentation of The Reef on Monday 12th”.

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Under the circumstances, perhaps someone else could meet with Janet and Victor, as it would be good to make that connection sooner rather than later (after the 12th). As Manuel and I have a few buddies on the go at the moment, and Alberto is presenting to another three households, perhaps @Sophie_Beese, @lee, @Sarah or @ugne could take this one… :slight_smile:

Hi all,
This weekend i will be going for a retreat but i have Thursday 8 June after work free, if they agree to meet me, could definitely do that. I don’t see their names or contacts details in the registry though, so perhaps somebody can refer me to that (if it’s somewhere on the nextcloud).

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Hi @ChrisM,

I am free on the 13th and the 15th in the evening. I saw there are two more people who registered, so feel free to set me up with one of those too.

Also, kind request: I would rather keep the Reef’s mailbox free from little chit-chat to set up a one-on-one. Would you be OK to put people in touch by sharing their phone and email address, so they can contact each other?

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Hi Chris,

How are you? I see that (in another email) according to you I have not yet signed up? Is this correct? I did send an e-mail per your suggestion and also had an interview with the confesseur. The only thing I have not done is filling out these forms you sent me. Can you please let me know if I missed something else?
The forms I will get to this week - just got back to Belgium yesterday after an intense week abroad.

Regards Adriana

As the 13th lines up with one of the times they are free, I’ll give them your number to set that up with you

Will do

No problem… as soon as there is a full member ready to meet with them, I will give the exploratory member their number and it can move to messaging

If I get replies in the next couple of days where someone is free on Thursday evening, I will give them your number, if that’s ok for you. If not, there will probably be someone to meet next week…



Hi Adriana! Yes, you are indeed ‘signed up’ :slight_smile: It’s just the 3 forms in the private message to fill in now. Looking forward to catching up with you soon…

Hey @ChrisM, happy to meet up with someone next week, if need be :slight_smile:

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I’m available Friday 16th in the evening, and Friday 23 from 2pm…
Hope this is manageable Chris! Feels like we could use some kind of a doodle!