Presentation follow-up

This post deals with three issues:

  1. The administrative follow-up after the presentation
  2. The steps to be followed to become an associate member
  3. The system to organise the one-on-ones
1) The administrative follow-up after the presentation

@Sophie_Beese: just a question: would you be willing to take this one, or would you prefer to ask somebody else?

2) The steps to be followed to become an associate member

@ChrisM and @alberto: as far as I can see you haven’t resolved the question on whether the exploring members can attend a meeting yes or no before paying the 125 euro.
Can I possibly offer a pragmatic compromise?

  • We offer several meetings that are not plenaries (a social, scouting trips, …)
  • We make it a race: given that we are only 9 households, we should probably not onboard more than 4 new households, so those who are the first to request associate membership will get it first? (the others can go on a waiting list)

Would that work for you?

3) The system to book the one-on-ones

If we make it a race (first-come-first-served), then we need to have the system to book the one-on-ones ready on Saturday 22 April, which means that we need to start working now.

What we need is this:

  • a system in which people who are interested can see when and where they could meet a Reefling
  • a system that can be updated once somebody has booked a slot

If it would be me who would be in the lead, I would go for something super simple (see screenshot below), but then of course the doer decides.

Would anybody be willing to take on this task?

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Yes, absolutely :slight_smile: Just a question - do we have a sample of the follow-up email ?

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Yes. Can you have a look in the sent items (somewhere end October) and see whether you can find it? Otherwise give me a sign and I’ll see what I can do.

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I’m strongly in favour of people being able to attend one plenary before paying the 125 euros… @alberto, do you disagree?

As far as I know, there’s nothing like this planned for the 21 days after the presentation, so we would have to make something happen. Could we not do both? Particularly as people may already have full schedule, so that would give them more opportunity to engage in the 3 weeks…

I don’t feel capable of actually setting up the system, but I’m happy to have a couple of meetings with people in Anderlecht on Saturday. Although I would make the times more mid-afternoon than what is proposed on the screenshot, as I would like to celebrate someone’s birthday that evening :slight_smile:

The problem with the plenaries is that we may not have much to decide or discuss after the one of 02/05, so either we cancel them, either we turn them into social events?

And then there is also the question of whether and when we could have a chat about everything that has been going on lately. For the sake of serenity I’d rather not do that in the presence of newlings, so then the question is what do we do with the plenary meeting of 02/05?

So we make the 2 May a social event, which is probably exactly what’s needed in terms of new people making decisions within their 21-day window…

We probably need to set up a separate meeting for that, for whoever wants to attend…

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@Lee I don’t want to take the lead on this (sorry!) but happy to welcome people next week if that’s not too late.

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No problem at all @Sophie_Beese .

I had a look at several options (Google sheets, Calendly and another app), and I figured this would take us more time than just doing it old style.

Therefore my proposal would be to do it as follows:

  • Once we see that somebody has filled in the survey, somebody contacts them by email to ask them to propose a reasonable amount of time slots, plus the place where they are located

  • That somebody copy/pastes that information into a document (internal link)

  • All Full Members check the document every 2 days, and volunteer if they see a newling with matching location and availability.

@reef-full, what do you think and is there a volunteer to contact the newlings for the one-on-ones?


Yes, could do it. Will be off in Lithuania (bringing my daughter for school holidays to LT & working from there from 26 April to 8 May). But could have an online call with a newling to start with.

Happy to do this :slight_smile:

Where do we see this?

@ChrisM I gave you access to the form. If you click on the “responses” tab, on the top right you’ll see “view in sheets”.

The login credentials for The Reef’s inbox are on Nextcloud > Team IT > Login credentials.

We currently have 2 responses. Does your schedule allow you to contact them shortly? (they are in a rush now)

I’ll contact them both now from the Reef email account…

Related question: at which part of the new process are they supposed to sign up for Edgeryders, Nextcloud, etc.? Can they request access as soon as they’ve filled in the survey, or do they do that after meeting a full member?

I would say after the one-on-one seems like the right moment.

We have a thread where they can say hello - Welcome to the new Reeflings! - and then we’ll create a Nextcloud account for them.

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Update on new exploratory members from the presentation:

So far there have been three responses, all of whom are on the ‘Setting up the one-on-ones’ document (internal link )

I am meeting with Ryan and Lea this Thursday.

@reef-full - Could someone please volunteer to meet with Adriana in Ixelles (near Chatelain Square) one afternoon or evening this week? There is a recent email in the Reef’s inbox to make contact with her.

Julien has just filled in the survey, and I am waiting to hear back from him about where he is in Brussels and his availability…


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I am leaving to Lithuania tomorrow, bringing my daughter to my parents for school holidays, but @manuelpueyo will be here and could do it.


i can take that

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@ChrisM, do we have a standard list of “key documents” that the newlings are expected to read before the one-on-one? And possibly a standard list of things we want to convey during the one-on-one?

Thanks @manuelpueyo! It would be good to contact Adriana as soon as possible, via the Reef email thread that I’ve been communicating with her. Ideally, you can meet her this week, before the plenary or social event that will happen next Tuesday…

Yes, they get sent a link to these in the follow up email immediately after the presentation, and a reminder to read them before the one-on-ones in the email after filling in the survey.

We don’t have anything like this as yet. It would be good to put this in writing at some point, but I won’t have time to do it before the first two meetings take place this week. As it is just @manuelpueyo and I for the moment, I suggest we familiarise ourselves before the meeting with the new recruitment and onboarding doc (, the minimum commitments doc ( and the confesseur process doc (


There is a third exploratory member (Julien) on the ‘Setting up the one-on-ones’ document (internal link ).

Julien (and his two young sons) lives in Jette, near to Wemmel. He has given his availability next week as Monday or Tuesday evening after 17h (although Tuesday is a plenary).

@reef-full - could someone volunteer to meet with him next week, either on one of those days or arranging a different time, by contacting him via the Reef email account?

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