Prispa: Solar Houses from Romania

PRISPA is the first Romanian team ever to participate at Solar Decathlon, a student contest to design, build, and operate solar-powered houses that are cost-effective, energy-efficient, and attractive.

In September 2012 we participated at the European edition in Madrid and finished on the 9th place. We obtained the 2nd place in Electrical Energy Efficiency, 4th on  Energy Balance and 2nd at Public Choice.


Hello guys, welcome to the community and kudos for creating a project to host your initiative here on the platform…

Tell us more, what happened after you participated in these contests? Do you have a prototype, maybe pics to share? I found your facebook page, but I can’t tell what stage you personally are in, and what in the philosophy you are most passionate about…

A connection you might be interested to make is with these folks building open source solar trackers

If you want to hook up with the Futurespotters community in Bucharest, meet them in this project group. (They are sharing projects in posts inside the group)