Privacy by default service for blood testing and DNA screening

1. What is your project about? What’s the problem it solves and how?
Healthcare and Genetic data records are amongst the most intimate of data. I am seeing a frightening trend of people using services like 23&me which not only compromises their own privacy, but that of everyone who can be identified as members of their family. I can see a wide range of scenarios where this can prove problematic e.g where healthcare is privatised and insurance get a hold of data which can allow them to deny you coverage due to pre-existing conditions or genetic predisposition. Also, public institutions cannot be relied on to safeguard that data as they may be tempted to sell them to third parties that profess to helping them save costs through more efficient management of resources, triaging etc.

2. What stage are you in?
Early stage idea and research

3. What would you like to get out of a 72 hour hackday?
Figure out the feasibility of the idea, what technologies could be used to realise it and have a clear business/sustainability model for it.

4. What do you need to get it done? People? Skills? Guidance? Clarity?
All 4

hi @BlackForestBoi , are there any next steps for me to do?

Whooo :slight_smile:
Thanks Nadia for adding your idea :slight_smile:

I am not sure what your intended solution is?
Are you still trying to figure that out?
Would that be a session you’d like to do with people to brainstorm?

Also: Do you plan to be in Berlin at the hackathon date, or remote?

Yes it would be great to do a brainstorm session about this as I am unsure at which end to approach this. Are we looking at the “wet” end in collection of the blood/body fluids (labelling), the transport (legals/logistics/security), processing/generation of results, or delivering the data. Or perhaps I am looking at this the wrong way? Before going into solutions it would be good to eliminate unrealistic/too complex/dangerous paths

regarding joining in Person, it could work if I can find the right people who want to work on it ahead of the event so I know it makes sense for me to come