@matthias I was wondering if I could limit the audience to my posts to edgeryders members only in a way or another. If not, why did not you consider this option? Does it have to do with any of edgeryders policies? Thank you.

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Yes, by default content on is public because we think that being open about ideas and initiatives and “working out loud” are best suited to attract attention and collaborators from within and without the Edgeryders online community.

There are two exceptions:

  1. Everyone can start private message threads. They look and behave very similar to normal topics in this platform, but are only visible to the individual people entered as recipients (which can be a large number though).

  2. When somebody works with Edgeryders as part of the team for a paid client project, they get access to a non-public workspace category (“forum board”) used for internal coordination of this project. Not all projects have or need such a category, though.