Process and project timeline


Team members post deliverables in this group for: written feedback and discussions. Every time something is posted in the group, members receive automatic email notifications containing a summary + link to follow should you wish to comment.

Thursdays:  a synthesis of feedback on deliverables and points for discussion during the call is posted online and an email reminder sent to all team members to check it.

Fridays: weekly google hangouts for progress checks, brainstorming, planning and decision making.

Decision-making and sign off

We post scripts in this group. Everyone discusses their contents by leaving comments in the section at the bottom of each page. The opening for feedback is one week only. After that a final version of the script is sent to Unesco.

Google hangouts are the cut-off point: ahead of each google hangout the production team reviews feedback collected during the previous week.  The feedback is summarised and a proposal prepared and posted online here each thursday. Its contents are discussed and agreed on during the hangout. The hangouts are our internal deadline for each deliverable.

After each hangout we go into production mode for that deliverable: this means we cannot accommodate any more changes for the deliverable we discussed. At least not without jeopardising our ability to produce high quality, error-proofed deliverables in a timely manner.


September 6: Written feedback on first version of video #1

September 9: 1st version of Script for video #2 submitted

September 12: Futures Knowlab Google hangout

September 18: 2nd/final version of Script for video #2 submitted

September 19: Futures Knowlab Google hangout

(tbc by Production team): Rough edit of video #2

September 22: 2nd version of Script for video #1 submitted

September 26: Futures Knowlab Google hangout, 9 EST

September 30: 2nd version of script for video #1 submitted

October 3: Futures Knowlab Google hangout, 9 EST

[Additional dates and milestones to be added]