Produce detailed STF timeline

We need to turn it in by Monday next week to have time to review it with Khatuna (and Millie) on Tuesday during the call.

Content wise, I’ve started to work in a spreadsheet in our google Admin drive here. Can everyone have a look and operate changes? Note that during weeks 2-5 things can be interchangeable.

We also might need to beautify it, I have no eye for that. [Matthias] suggested to also put it in a Gantt. We can do that in addition to the table I guess.

Beauty of a Plan

I will have a look after the next call tomorrow how we can create a well-maintainable graphical format from the activity plan. Might help us for other documents in the future as well. (For now, I am happy that I got my Skype repaired :slight_smile: so I will join tomorrow 12:00 CET).


Has so far been approved by Khatuna.

Final timeline to send to UNDP for 1st payment

Hi guys, I’ve updated the timeline according to recent developments and delays and you can find the final version in our shared project drive.

Millie asked us to send it via email so that they can OK if officially and we can get the first money installment.

If no one wants to do this, I’ll be doing this first thing in the morning to give you guys some time to look through it or approve. It’s more of a formality though.