''Project Human''

Ever thought of the crazy rhythm and tempo of our lives? Ever had the time to think about it? To think about people who are next to you and about who you do not know anything. Ever wondered what concerns, dreams, difficulties, aspirations have those around you? Ever drew parallels between your concerns, dreams and those around you or maybe those far away from you? And finally, ever tried to come up with a solution or a contribution to the solution of the issues that are of concern to the individuals who comprise the society?

Actually, I know a group of people who do care about those issues and who have undertaken an exciting initiative- the ‘’Project Human’’. It all started, as everything else in this world, in the disturbed minds of people who were concerned about humans: their feelings, difficulties, dreams and the strength of theirs to overcome or fulfill them in other words about those ‘‘unknown heroes’’. Karen, who came up with the idea, inspired three of the other members of the group Karotik, Anahit and Shahane and together they initiated the ‘’Project Human’’. ‘’We collect extraordinary stories of ordinary people’’ is the description of their Facebook page.

So, ‘’Project Human’’ is a book but not an ordinary one. The group are interviewing people from different corners of the world who have a story to tell, a story of difficulties, dreams and the strength of overcoming problems and making dreams come true, in a word Human stories. As people share very personal, private stories, tender issues for them the stories are anonymous: the group keep secrecy of the primary information of their subjects (name, age, location, etc.).

The book is like a living organism. First, because it is not written by a writer who based his/her book on real stories and second, it is not completed yet and it is not certain whether this project, the ‘’Project Human’’ will be completed at any point or have an end. The number of stories is not and will not be limited. The group think of filming the stories one day or publishing different parts of the project, like ‘’Human pain’’, ‘’Human smile’’ etc. It’s all up to Humans whether the ‘’Project Human’’ will further succeed. It can be an encyclopedia, an encyclopedia which is always up-to-date where humans can read real stories of real humans, perhaps find stories that resemble their own ones, find solutions or suggest their own solutions and, of course, they can always have their Human story, their contribution to the “Human Project’’.

An exciting initiative, isn’t it? The most exciting in this project is that the group of young and enthusiastic people who have concerns about Humans didn’t hesitate to take up necessary steps to try and find solutions to the issues of concern. They took some time from their busy, speedy life to think over people around them, those ‘’unknown heroes’’ as they say. They believe in their cause and are willing to continue their road. This is really a global project, a global product of global thinking. Inspiring, isn’t it? A vivid example of how one’s concerns and dreams can be called to life and by doing this also help others. Devotion, enthusiasm, love and belief in one’s cause- this is the working way of making a change, firstly, to your own life and then to the life of a society as a whole.

P.S. At the end, I’d like to quote a Human stroy from ‘‘Human Project’’: '“My advice to people: draw smiles on the faces of others and they will give you a mirror to draw your own smile.”

P.P.S. If you have a story and want to be a part of ‘‘Project Human’’ or know someone who has one you can contact ‘‘Project Human’’ team Project Human

Hi Amalia, thanks for sharing the initiative. I see they’re just in the beginning. Can’t help but think of Humans of… photography project, and Cowbird, a website for telling stories using either video, images or text, or a combination of those… http://cowbird.com/ If these serve as inspiration, feel free to pass them on. 

PS Took the liberty to format your text and added a picture, hope you don’t mind, usually helps with readability.


Thank you, Noemi

Thanks for advice, Noemi :slight_smile:

from cairo with love

Hi Amalia

thanks for sharing this . actually these "unknown heroes " are the ones that we should learn from in any place in the world

Is it possible to share an “extraordinary story of ordinary person” from the human project with us or something

here is a link shared by @labanita on facebook about a similar project in cairo ,  I think we can rediscover our similarities in us humans through these kind of projects

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Greetings from Yerevan

Thank you Hazem for the comment and the link, I’ll contact Project Human team, and in case they are eager to share a story I’ll publish it in a comment :slight_smile: