Project in Lisbon I wish to share : NÃM @NAM.UrbanMushroomFarming

Hello! I really hope this topic fits in the forum and your guidelines.
I thought of you because of the keyword “mushrooms”.

Here is some words for the description and the link afterwards
“NÃM is an urban agriculture and circular economy project, with the mission to help make our cities, starting with Lisbon, more resilient. We aim to collect coffee ground (still considered as “waste”) in any location discarding it and transform it into fresh oyster mushrooms and organic compost.”

They search a space in Lisbon or in surrounding for their mushroom farm project.
If you are interested and or if you know contacts to help them, feel free!

Thank you!


It does fit on the forum thanks!

OpenVillage is where we look for solutions to improve general wellbeing across many dimensions of life - health, working life, family life etc.

Alternatively, post in the Biofabrication category if you want to draw attention of the bio scientists on the platform.

Hope this makes sense?

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Thank you for your kind reply! I will post it in this forum also.
All make sense, I see a lot of love and brotherhood in this community <3