Project proposal: BringMeTo


The idea of “BringMeTo” is about necessity to be closer to people, to feel the spirit of community, to have the possibility to explore, contribute, share, enjoy and have fun TOGETHER. Connection of not only locals and tourists but also  locals with locals occurs through the “BringMeTo” platform, where everybody, having some original, exciting, unique peculiarity to propose to the tourists, inserts a free AD (categorized into: TRANSPORT, FOOD, PLACES, SOCIAL) specifying the details, price and expiration time. Each tourist, surfing the ADs through his/her mobile, may choose among large variety of extraordinary, instructive, tasty, funny opportunities to catch on the fly, saving money and having guaranteed quality of products and services offered by traditional touristic establishments.

All the ADs are geolocalized, so it’s easy to find them on the map, choose the one closest to you, check the details and get in touch.

Some examples:

  • Do you want to offer typical Matera  dish Cutturiddi?
  • Do you want to offer your touristic guide service?
  • Do you have a bike to rent?
  • Do you want to offer your baby-sitting service?

Place your AD and let everyone discover these opportunities.

Some explicative screenshots: these mockups are used only for demostration purpose and they do not represent the whole set of application screenshots.


Goals and expected results

The main goals of “BringMeTo” are:

  1. Let the tourists live a non-conventional experience making their travel interesting, remarkable and unforgettable in an instant. Differ your travel moments discovering an entire world of fantastic opportunities offered by local people, valorizing traditions, places and events otherwise unknown to traditional tourism;
  2. Involve locals of old and new quarters to interact with each other giving hand of help in solving everyday issues and to live city life in harmony.

Expected results from the tourist’s point of view

  •           Not to feel a ‘stranger’ being part of a community;
  •           To live fantastic experience and to have fun;
  •           To save money.

Expected results from the local’s point of view

  •           To meet new friends;
  •           To promote history, nature, food and traditions of his/her own land;
  •           To contribute with their resources to social and cultural life of the city;
  •           To earn some money. 


An estimated roadmap  is divided in to 2 phases.

1st month - Designing and developing an SQL Database which will hold all the ads and messages exchange between locals and tourists. Designing and developing in Php a REST web-service which will facilitate access from Mobile App.

2nd month – Create an API TEST web interface for debugging the platform.

Developing the android version of the app BringMeTo (for smartphone and tablet). A parallel development of the iPhone version could be thought meanwhile.

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