Project (website) FAQs


Omar: "I am still gathering some input from other people that will be involved in the project and collecting research on how to proceed. I suppose my inquiry was more so aimed at learning about how the participants imagined the site being used. Things I am currently researching and thinking about include

  1. Who is the target audience (casual, professional, corporate, non-profit, personal futures?)
  2. The format and medium the information will take (blogs, inforgraphics, video, wiki’s, twitter feeds?)
  3. How will the information be organized and consumed (tagged and searchable, chronological feeds, open for comments and annotations, based around issues/themes and categorizes i.e. STEEP?)
  4. Is the site open, interactive, closed, or have verified users?  
  5. Focus on curating and pooling from other sources or on original content and commentary 
  6. Production, aesthetics and positioning compared to other futures websites.

Have any of these considerations already been negotiated?"