Promises Made Today

The person strongest in leadership don’t rely on words rather they jump into action, because action speaks better to words. An earthquake was soon to hit Nepal and call on nation’s tragedy. But it was due date and time. Noone can compete time but wait along,the darkest doomsday that will wrought more pain and desolation to array of people. Nepalese people have been through armed struggle, royal massacre, maybe its the wrath of God, that he pushes the people into state of horror, actually examining the extent to which people can hold their patience.

The aftermath of earthquake made us confront a different environment ahead  beyond the stereotypical selfish society we had lived in for long. There were all sort of changes that started in social dimensions or ended in community reinforcement. Majority of life and keepsakes has been under the rubble, the wreckage and pain and the avalanches on the mountain flanks, and seasonally the deluge. After weighing the constraints, it was soon decided, a next step should begin: rebuild and reconstruct. Not only the physical structures have been wrecked  but equally the trauma and fear that disaster will hit again. When disaster strikes, it is likely to put a high strain on the resources of the country. So it is time to integrate efforts to subside the worst case scenario.

We are the youths, we are the torch bearer,we are the actors of change and progress. The present we walk decides the future. We have the valor and courage, we won’t relent even if we fall. The true leadership quality on an individual develops when he will start to develop warmth and tolerance among each other. He will respect all his kinds. The earthquake somehow brought into fraternity and humanity. There was time when people pushed hurdles  when the others succeeds. But the call of nature’s trauma, united people, they started showing humanitarian skills, the human volume have swept to rise from this dire consequences. The youth’s today don’t stick to government to act and the wise people of intellectual community believe in toil combating the disaster and changes in the social fabrics of the country. Help from foreign countries and neighboring countries have gushed in, they should be manageable and should be invested fruitfully, not should be only seen as relief aid.

The reason education is imparted to each individual is not only to prosper own future but indirectly spearhead the progress of the nation. Education widens the horizons of our acknowledgment of life, education develops wisdom, wisdom creates difference. We will then involve in welfare with perseverance. We are feared but we must reassure the lost minds get out of trauma, the longer time it takes to heal, the longer, the country takes to rise again. We should ease their agitation and resilience. When a disaster strikes, a deluge of sub disasters lurks in, food crisis, shortage of water, child trafficking, sexual threat to women, defalcation of funds, decrease in GDP. The least we can contribute is  to work together to immediate response and reforms as to minimize the extend of its period on economy. Moreover,once we start to walk in hands, Nepal would slowly have tangible gains. We have to invent the future before we predict it.

Its in our hand, whether we still want the culture of poverty to deeply root in our country by directly relying on solicited donation. We should be the enlightening heads and work as to prepare for another disasters, so the next time we run safe. The main concern of anthropic today is, we should have strong entrepreneurship  this then decides the promises we made for future whether that will be accomplished or not.


Wording jewels :slight_smile:

I totally like the little gems from above like “We have to invent the future before we predict it.” Especially given that Nepali has no real word for future beyond “fate” … if I remember correctly what my Nepali friends explained to me. Welcome the Future Makers, Nepal! smiley

What I’m wondering still (after three months of trying to figure it out) is exactly how the young in Nepal can be “the torch bearer,we are the actors of change and progress”? Creating and being a movement is hard, and at a low point recently, it appeared impossible to me … even a major earthquake “only” created a movement for 2-3 months … . Of course I don’t want to accept this as the last reality (neverever!), so ideas and input for how movements can be made and how they can achieve their goals are greatly appreciated here …