Proposal about hosting the December camp in Medenine

I am proposing to host the camp in Medenine, and we have discussed that with the community in Medenine, and we are willing to work on it with all of our efforts! We came up with the following points:

  • We can host the event in a hotel right next to the Ksour, where we can make all of the events happening in the Ksour of Medenine (Berber patrimonies) (you can check it on the following link), and visit close patrimonies such as Jektis( Roman ruines patrimonies the oldest ones in Tunisia) / Arid region institute which is the biggest research institute in this field (agriculture researches and protection of the arid regions) in all of North Africa) / Ben Khdech that has Ksour also (lots of Berber patrimony!) and world war two patrimony… and it has a beautiful location.

  • We can host all the even in Ben Khdech, in a hotel of ksar jweme3 (made of patrimony Ksour) known locally, and its owner showed an immense interest in it (check the link) where we can spend the time in there as an adventurous discovering of Ben Khdech since it is full of beautiful details!

  • Host the event in the IRA (Arid region institute) whom we can do all the work and workshops in there, and then we can go and discover Medenine with the different mentioned patrimonies…

When hosting the event Medenine, it will offer you an experience that you can only have in Medenine due to its patrimonies that only exist in this region of Tunisia (Medenine and Tataouine: the Ksour), and no other place in the world! It is really worth it!

So we already started working with the administrative procedures with the government, and they showed a lot of support.

And most of all, we as a team and an Edgeryders community, are super excited to host this event in Medenine and we are offering you all of our collaboration and support.


For now, @Nejib_Ammar_5 (good to meet you!), THANK YOU. It is a great honour to receive these proposals. I visited Jektis 8 years ago, it’s a magical place. Did not visit IRA, but I was very curious to see it!

Stand by while @nadia and others read your proposal.

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thank you and welcome to everybody
there is a lot of place to see and i’ll be glad me and all my team here in medenine to host such event that we really believe in it. Besides, all of people here are exciting to EDGERYDERS Community. so let’s do it !!!


@zmorda @Sohayeb @Nidhal @ines … and the rest of the community, will be happy to work on it :slight_smile: once you make your decision let us know becausewe have admninistative procedures to follow that may take some time :slight_smile:


As a young member of the edgeryders community in Medenine , it is my pleasure to take part of the team hosting this camp in my home town . Also , I promise you that I will do my best to make this amazing event succeed , if you decided to give us the honor of organizing it .


Attending our meeting yesterday and discussing the willing of all the members of the community in here with no exception, can’t be anything else than a sign of an umbridled desire and a total readiness from Medenine as a whole to host the camp. So, Medenine is waiting for your decision after promising you that you will live a very particular experience.


Wow. I don’t really know what to say. The thing with truly participatory processes is that you really can’t predict where you will end up when you begin :slight_smile:

The work of building the camp is done on volunteer basis and includes:

  • Sorting out logistics (spaces to sleep and others to run activities),
  • Co-curating a program for what will happen during the camp
  • Communication and outreach to involve more people in the camp

To announce an event like this we have to be sure we have all the pieces in place: Find the location and secure the venue, secure spaces for people to sleep, shower/toilet and prepare food (or just eat it :)), figure out logistics for smoothly getting people to and from the place as well as design the event program. We have a small budget to cover cost of expenses for third party services like renting space/equipment and ground transport in Tunisia, but most of the work is done on volunteer basis - so it’s also important to think about how to make generate enough value to justify the effort involved.

@hazem @zmorda @matthias @johncoate and I can help with guidance and mentorship, as well as covering some practical costs involved e.g. for renting space/ equipment provided we agree on them beforehand. But the heavy lifting and responsibility for making it all happen would be yours. Our internal deadline for announcing the event is within one week - so that there is enough time to get word out and involve people in the local community as well as from other parts of the country.

Are you guys up for it?


You guys totally rock. :smile:


I second that! A most excellent proposal.

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@Nejib_Ammar_5 and all, thank you for inviting Edgeryders to Medenine with all this enthusiasm. A strong connection with locals is a big plus for every event we do, so we are considering your proposal favourable :slight_smile:

Let’s try to keep it simple how to make the decision. In my mind it’s these three points:

  1. Nadia talked somewhere above about what it involves to host an Edgeryders event. Most of that preparation work will have to happen after we make the decision for a location, so for the moment, you’d have to consider if you can take on this work as a group, realistically, and just tell us that you’re up for it (or not).

  2. Let us know what the administrative procedures are that you need to follow on your side, so we can check how risky it is that they could not be completed in time. This refers to what @yosser said above:

  1. Get a concrete offer for a suitable event location at the time of the festival. Or two, to choose from. You mentioned some great spots in the first post already, we just need it with some more details (like, photos!) and as a concrete offer / price quote from the business.

At that point, we (the Edgeryders company) should be able to make the decision.

About spots to host the event, you are welcome to make some unconventional proposals. In Edgeryders, we like the unconventional (rough but beautiful, simple but stylish etc.) locations. They are also often the cheap ones :wink: For inspiration, see Au Quai, the location we’ll use for the second part of the OpenVillage Festival in Brussels this month.


You made my day guys ! when great people are in the same room, great things can happen.”
Thank you for the work you have done to make it possible !keep up the good work


for sure, we’re doing our best and believe me everybody here is involved to help us even the adminstrative procedures are almost done…JUST BELIEVE IN US

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welcome to you EDGERYDERS, we’re waiting for you to discover our community here in Medenine.
Big thanks to all of you !!!


Hi :slight_smile:

do you have some update? I’m curious about the project.
I’ll be happy to help since I’m in Tunis.

Do you have plan for accomodations?

Travel from airport? I think that renting a minivan from Tunis airport then coming to the south could be a nice roadtrip.

Hi @baderdean ader since only 25% of the participants will come from different country , Probably Djerba airport is the best option for them ,

We are finalizing the program of the camp right now , what is needed is sponsorship for the camp if you have any potential sponsor ( companies ,NGOs) it would be a great help ,
The community in Medenin is still looking for affordable accommodation for the participants so any recommendation can be helpful too :slight_smile: