Proposal: Market Activism Team

Market activism is the design and trade of products with the goal of spreading one’s values and ideas. The name was coined in 2012 by Juanjo Pina from “aesirs,” based on a previous debate on entrepreneuralism held by “las Indias Group of Cooperatives” since 2009, linking the idea of the phyle to the medieval arts and guilds: We believe the kind of knowledge that enables us to make beautiful and socially useful things cannot be reduced to technical knowledge. It must contain a social meaning, a work ethic and a worldview. Goods offered in the marketplace carry with them a vision of the world, of social projects and a moral points of view.

In this group we design, build and sell products and services which spread new ideas on the marketplace. In doing so we learn how to generate revenue in new ways, add business to the activists toolkit and effectively use the market as a global arena for furthering our goals.

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