Proposed tasks for Natalia

Hi Natalia,

I put together the following list merging what you were interesting in getting involved in with tasks that we consider high priority. Edgeryders is a space that works well for driven, autonomous individuals who like to work with others, but take personal responsibility for ensuring things they commit to get done. So I would ask that you decide on one or more areas, and then take responsibility for them. Obviously we will help, but we would need you to be the coordinator, drive input and step in yourself if you see others are stretched too thin to be able to do something you requested of them. In order of their priority to me:

  1. Producing content:
  • Write a convincing one page article on what the Edgeryders company does, why it’s so good for clients and how they can engage with us.
  • Write a convincing one page article on what the Edgeryders community does, why it’s so good for individual members and how they can get involved with us.
  • Produce the first copy of Zeitgydes: One page curated overviews of what’s happening at the Edges: ongoing conversations/discussions in different parts of platform, updates on community members work, meet the Edgeryder, topics/developments/stories relevant to community members interests, introduction to new tool or process.

If you feel you need some references do read “Selling your story in 60 seconds, the guaranteed way to get your screenplay or novel read”. Also please feel free to contact various members of the community to ask them for their input, if you need help with this just ask me.

  1. Community building and activation
  • Get p2p production of new and improved versions of  “Meet the Edgeryders” pieces going (search for older examples on platform)
  • Participate in weekly community calls and write fast forwards to share on the Edgeryders blog.
  • Update social media calendar & send out the daily \#countonme list email & biweekly newsletter.
  1. Lote:
  • Help with fundraising/financing the Stewardship.
  • Research content and people for the different tracks. Synthesise into blogposts to get more input and draw participation in the conversations (building the track).
  • Build list of influencers/bloggers/powertweeters to invite them to the event.
  1. Spot The Future: writing and research
  • Interview people and write engaging articles about them & what their experience says about the society they live in and the future to come.
  • Dig deeper into the posts we have, and look at the CO priority topics. Are they covered? E.g. Hazem's post about CBEs If not, reach out to more projects that take on an issue and get a sense of the context they are operating in. What does the project and the work highlighted say about the situation? Why do they chose this approach over another one?

Hello everyone,

As I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately and exploring the vast space of Edgeryders, I think I’d like to take on my first task: produce one page article about the community.

It will be ready by 25th of June - I hope this won’t be too long, but I still need to get comfortable with all the information, decide on the importance, filter, write, refurbish, refurbish, refurbish.

After that I would do the other article, in another week - and by the early July it will give me enough knowledge to start the real community work.

First stream of conscious concerning task 1.

  1. Do we want to involve people with money, who could sponsor/finance/support the work of Edgeryders by this post as well? Community is something else than company, but it still does have needs. In this case maybe it would be good to produce two slightly different articles of the same size that would address these groups. Where will they be used? (this will give us a hint).

  2. I believe this/these article(s) should contain information about “projects” (I hate this word, I need to think of a satisfactory replacement) of Edgeryders- and because the amount of ongoing activities is huge, some of them have to be stressed. I believe that UnMonastery can serve as a great representation of tackling the issue of economical struggle and compromising it with useful work/progress/change. LOTE is extremely important as some kind of alternative to intense meeting based project/funding culture we live in, showing that more effects can be achieved, without wasting money, thanks to better planning and right people included, philosophy involved. And then? I really don’t want to decide just by myself;)

Ok, this will be it for now.