Proposing a space-time grid for #LOTE3

After reading a lot of material on the platform, I think there are two kinds of activities that people are proposing:

  1. activities that are of interest to some, and aim to get together a subset of the unPilgrims (example: most conference sessions).

  2. activities that are of potential interest to all, and aim to get together all of the unPilgrims (example: yoga, Pasta Party, unHalloween).

Spacewise, I would propose:

  • session activities are allocated rooms in the unMonastery (or equivalent, if the unMonastery is not ready in time). I suggest using the first floor. We could set up room marked 27 (just after the entrance) as a sort of living room for informal interaction, and the other three rooms (with 35-40 ppl capacity each) to host sessions – see the venue plan. So, sessions would happen in parallel on three rooms.

  • common activities need a larger room – and, ideally, one with no furniture. If the weather is dry and mild we can use the courtyard, but it might well rain.

Timewise, I would propose a typical day to look like this:

  • 9.00-10.30: common activities: yoga, communal breakfasts, whatever is conducive to socializing

  • 10.30-13.30: three one-hour slots for session activities

  • 13.30-15.00: nice long lunch break (this is Italy, people)

  • 15.00-18.00: three one-hour slots for session activities

  • after 18.00: common activities. One evening it will likely be Pasta Party; another one unHalloween; and maybe [Bembo Davies] and the hosting team have some otherideas in mind.

Typical days are Wednesday through Saturday, Oct 30th to Nov 2nd. On Tuesday 29th we could just gather to clean up and set up the venue and share a welcome dinner. Sunday we could take it easy, and just hang out as we wait for our bus to leave. This gives us 4 days x 6 slots x 3 rooms = 72 slots for conference sessions and plenty of time for communal stuff. If this seems too much, we can always shorten lote3 by one day and start on Oct 30th with the communal dinner; or even give up one of the two rooms. If it does not seem enough, we can always do stuff on Sunday, or even add an extra hour at the end of the afternoon.

Does this sound reasonable?

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