Prototype #1 Matera - Public Review #1

As in our tradition of prototyping we did it as kind of live rehearsal. With your feedback we can improve it every week little by little. We also plan to report to the local and glocal community in such way every week!

see them all on unMonastery:Matera - Public Reviews (weekly) channel on vimeo!

draft of review presentation guidelines also available as attachment in this trello card

unMonastery:Matera - Public Review #1 - Intro from unMonastery on Vimeo.

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Are you guys posting the slides somewhere?

I’ve started to put up WORKING OUT LOUD blogposts before the beginning of every week to let people know what we will be working on and how they can get involved. Maybe it would be a good habit to do the same right after the Monday planning sessions?

If you ping @edgeryders twitter account each time you post them, we can help make sure the rest of the community knows about them.

I agree

I totally agree with you, [Nadia]. Also I think that we should encourage the debate here in order to get feedback from a wider community. unMonastery projects are amazing but creating new connections and involving other persons could help us to empower the vision and, maybe, find a better way to reach the goal.

I will discuss this topic tomorrow morning in order to encourage evreyone to do it

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great ideas !

great ideas , the public reviews and the working out loud !

I’ve watched all of the videos, looks good to me, but I’ll send more feedback later on,

ps. oh my goodness !!! “unMonkies go mad” …    ^_^

so funny …

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I would like to give a try to open source! Folks from Semantic Web faculty in University of Leipzig develop it and they got some interesting workflow for multilingual presentations with revision control implemented there. I hope we can use it to have our presentations available in both english and italian (or other languages depending where other unMonasteries will start popping up)

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ok will try! Also maybe we can collect them all in a “book”?

Check it out! :slight_smile:


The working link is

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I really like it! I’ll give a try for my presentation of next saturday (Arduino workshop in Matera).

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last time i asked, booktype didn’t have translation workflow - doesn’t seem to work!