Prototype website ready

Hello @reeflings, we have now a reasonable prototype website.

  • Fully whitelabelled – no Edgeryders branding.
  • Multiple pages accessed via Learn more links to declutter the main page.
  • Super-easy editing (just edit the topics in the web content category).

Still missing:

  • @nadia’s illustration (should be incoming)
  • link to the form (@manuelpueyo to prepare the form on Nextcloud, based on @Lee’s Google form).
  • link to the full Blueprint document (@lee to provide us with a public-ready version)
  • “People section”. For this I need photos, one-liner bios (mine is: “economist, runner, retired minor rockstar”), and to figure out an elegant solution to display on the page. I will do the latter today.

Please note that the domain points still to the old website. Hopefully the new website will be able to go live by the end of this week.


Thanks a lot @alberto ! Much appreciated.

I finished the brochure. The only that thing I don’t manage to fix is the text boxes. They are highlighted in yellow and I don’t manage to make something visually acceptable out of them. Can somebody please help me with this?

@alberto , I created a new heading “FAQ”. Feel free to edit it as you see fit.

Discourse obliged me to choose a topic title of at least 7 characters, hence the “FAQ for website” title.

For my bio I think I’ll go for “Linguaphile. Busy bee. Nonconformist”. I’ll send you a picture through a private channel.

I don’t think text boxes are a good fit for text editors. Why not replace them with footnotes, or, if they are important, with headers?

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For the sake of sharing information and documenting: Mark just recommended us to have a look at the website of Le Dojo as an example for our website (see Reef inbox).

This one is a bit more wordy than us, but not so different.

Update: the website is now live and accessible from


  • Illustration.
  • Registration form (the most urgent).
  • Picture of Malcolm (hint: put it on your Edgeryders avatar and it will appear automagically).
  • Short text for Malcolm and Sabine.
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Thanks a lot @alberto .

Is it possible that the “contact us” tab is not yet connected?

Pinging @Sabine_B_Frank, @Malcolm and @ugne for a quick reminder about the picture and the text.

Hi @alberto

We have trouble laying our hands on decent photos, so I’ll stick with my avatar one and Malcolm will send you one tomorrow.

As for description:

Sabine: Climate advocate. Pragmato-idealist. Biodanseuse.
Malcolm: Physics pedagogue. Sustainalist. Plays the blues.

Thanks for all your work on the website.

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