Provide a Booktype installation

As a way to write and publish future Edgeryders publications collaboratively, [Nadia] proposed to get an installation of Booktype on our own server. It would, among other things, be used for the final reports for UNDP of upcoming Spot the Future project.

Basic installation done.

I just finished with the basic installation, so sign up and try it out at

Some hints to get you started:

  • The installation is the first website on our shiny speedy Edgeryders server, which I also just finished to set up. So at first, expect Booktype to be possibly bumpy ā€“ but fast :-) ā€“ drive. Tell me here what's not yet working.
  • You can create and edit books, but not (yet) convert them to publishing formats. Tell me what publishing formats we need: is PDF enough, or do we require ODF, ePub etc. additionally?
  • User registration is public at the moment. How do we want to handle this? Do we want to confirm users who sign up, or disable signup altogether?
  • Tell me if editing books is slow at any time.

Tech background: (no need to read on, geeks will anyway)

  • Book editing uses an SQLite3 database backend, not PostgreSQL. I just think it is (at this point) too much overhead to have two  RDBMS running on the same server (we use MySQL / MariaDB for Drupal, and Booktype only supports PostgreSQL). SQLite3 is slower, but I expect this to be not even noticeable since our Booktype installation will probably not be used for massively parallel editing.
  • The installation does not yet include the Objavi component for converting books to PDF, ODF, ePub etc. formats for publishing. Because this is a messy install of a lot of hacked together components ... I just don't want LaTeX, Xvfb, QT3 GUI tools like pdfedit etc. on a freshly installed server :-< It would be great if we only need PDF output, since that would allow me to install only the (beta) Objavi Renderer, which is a clean install.

PDF is fine for now.

Same process as for sign up to edgeryders to keep out the spambots amongst other reasons.

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going in immediately and testing. thank you!!