Public presentation on 2 June

hello Lee, i have added you as admin to the facebook page. with facebook is a bit different. i access with my personal account and the person becomes admin of the page. so we cannot share the passwords, just let me know if someone else would like tojoin as admin

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it´ś not working! i tested also with another user,

Hi Manuel,
I don’t know what to tell you. The link works from my computer and apparently also from other people’s computer, as we keep getting new registrations.

This is the link to the new form:

The screenshot you are showing is that to the old form, which got attacked by a bot. Therefore I deactivated it (see post no 17 above). The two forms can be distuinghed by the way the date is written (see also post no 17 above).

I hope this solves the issue. If it wouldn’t, can we please continue the conversation without using exclamation marks? When I see an explanation mark like this, I feel like I’m being yelled at. I highly value serenity when things are tense, and so I would be very grateful if you could take this into account. TIA!

I just changed the link at the bottom of The Reef . Brussels page. Now it works, :slight_smile:

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absolutely. thanks for sharing this insight :slight_smile: i will adapt

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Thanks a lot!