Public presentation on 2 June

Three small updates:

  • The room has been confirmed. Bill will be paid by Mark VDD.
  • I created another Facebook event just in case people want to share this with their friends and contacts.
  • 4 registrations good for 7 people so far.
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Great job! I have created another event from the “official” facebook page. we have still 40 euros from the previous event that misteriously were not spent in facebook ads, let me know if you guys want me to boost the event with some paid ads,

we are in CC from an event last friday, Colloque Actualités en matière d’habitat (coliving, habitat intergénérationnel, et logement étudiant) . i don’t know if you saw that but the full list of emails from participants is visible. should we spam them with our event? or is too agressive?

Hmm, good question. Not sure.

It’s super tempting, because it’s a list of possibly more than 100 people who are interested in cohousing, but I don’t feel comfortable with the idea. The person who sent this email made a mistake here (most probably by accident or whatever) and I can imagine she got scolded for this. It’s a breach of privacy and the people whose address was exposed are now going to end up on several mailing lists without their consent.

Would you be ok to let it go and just do our thing?

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yes. i mostly agree with this!

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Hello @reeflings,

A quick check-in on the public presentation of the 2nd of June:

  • We have now 22 registrations good for 28 people. I sent them a confirmation email today, including a “save-the-date” for the workshop and the next plenary.
  • If you have some time to spare to give the event a little extra push, that would be most welcome. Putting out some more flyers could be an idea, or else maybe some targeted messages here and there? Or maybe a post on LinkedIn?
  • Given that Manuel and Ugne can’t be there I asked Pieter whether he could give us a hand.

Apart from the targeted messages and the leaflets (yes and yes), I think we could have a bit of visibility by writing a careful post. What I normally do is post here on Edgeryders, then push out the link via Twitter and, in some cases, Linkedin.

I need to look for the inspiration to write. But even if I find it, that will get a lot of pageviews, but most of those will be wasted, because they will come from people who are interested in cohousing, but are not in Brussels!

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I think that’s a good idea. In terms of reach I think a post that goes out internationally is not so different from a flyer: you spread about a 100, if you are lucky 20 get picked up and 2 people sign up. Numbers game.

The idea of LinkdedIn came from Manuel’s suggestion to use the Brulocalis mailing list (the one that should have been in bcc). Looking at the addresses in detail I noticed that most of the addresses are of people working in the administrations of Brussels communes (so not so interesting), but if we have a post on LinkedIn maybe the sender of this email could maybe “like” the post and thus give it a push across her entire network?

I myself have gone on Facebook. I sent two personal messages to people I don’t know but seem to have the network, and I shared the event on 2 groups (Urbanistas and Brussels Connnected). At first glance it seems to be paying off, even if it’s only a few people.

@manuelpueyo: could you please share this group you mentioned that offers sociocracy courses? Do they have some sort of social network account that could help us?

Oh, and if somebody who is more mobile than me would be around or would be looking for a bike ride: I found about a place called Citizens Corner in Schaarbeek. Maybe a good place to leave a poster and some flyers?

I think @manuelpueyo mentioned this at the latest meeting…

yes, that’s exactly it, i will do a few things to help push the event :partying_face:

yes. they have a discord server. i will leave a message there


cool. let me know via signal if you publish on twitter and linkedin and i can RT or share

Which group is it? Is there another way other than Discord to stay informed about what they do?

Will publish on both, but it would work even better if you used your own accounts. The post is here:

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they also have a facebook group

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i just shared on both

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@manuelpueyo: I tried to comment on the Facebook event that you created (saying “it’s coming up soon, don’t forget to register” or something like that), but for some reason I didn’t manage.

Could you please have a look at this?

Also, for the sake of transparency and business continuity, could you please leave the login credentials for the Faceobook account on Nextcloud? This is the place: Reef shared folder > IT > Login credentials. Many thanks!

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Quick update: our registration form got spammed by one or the other bot (21.000 registrations in one afternoon :scream: :scream: :scream:).

When I noticed it I deactivated the form (around 4 pm this afternoon). Now we have a new form in place and the URL has been replaced on the website. The regisrations from the old form are copied to the sheet of the new one. The new form is recognizable by its mention of “2nd of June” (instead of “2 June”).

So all is good again.

I’ll make comment on Facebook tomorrow so people find their way to the form.

@Lee thank you for this!! please note that monday 30 may the current form (linked from the website) is not accepting responses. please have a look and open it again, thank you

Hi Manuel,
I tested it just now and it seems to work just fine. We got 3 new registrations too, so I would think everything is ok.

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