Publication plan: please add what you are working on

Calling all people planning to publish in OpenCare. We were strongly encouraged by reviewers to collaborate more and communicate/disseminate more. Inter-partner authored papers and publications do both, so they are particularly valuable activities.

I propose:

  1. We pool information on what people are working on.
  2. We encourage our colleagues to finish. From now on, it's time to consolidate and document, not to open new lines of inquiry.
  3. We identify a "team leader" for each paper. These collaborative efforts always run the risk that everyone is waiting for her collaborators to push the paper forward. So, let's make sure everyone knows who the main author is for each publication. The main author takes responsibility for coordinating the delivery. Other authors take responsibility for doing their part on time.

I have put a Google Doc with the publication plan here. I know that at least @Federico_Monaco , @Amelia and @Lakomaa have things in the pipeline. Please add your own.

@markomanka | @Costantino | @Rossana_Torri | @melancon | @Lakomaa

Together with @Federico_Monaco and maybe @costantino we are working on a paper with the tentative title: “From patient to maker of personal assistive device in the era of digital manufacturing”
I hope to finish it soon and it MUST be a journal with Impact Factor. We’ve discussed “Health Informatics Journal” but maybe PM&R have an upcoming issue apt for the topic.

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Excellent news, well done! Keep us informed.

From @tino_sanandaji and @lakomaa :

A shorter version of the paper is also accepted for publication in an editied volume (Movin & al 2018) . We are also working on a paper for Journali of Institutional Economics.

Submission of the abstract for “Sharing and Storing” Special Issue New Media & Society
: Trafficking digital stuff about care innovation in a maker space

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