Publications and conferences from WP work: getting ready for the final stretch

I am seeing:

  1. Paper on network reduction techniques (we already have it, but needs examples, and probably one extra author). Probably Applied Network Science.
  2. Empirical paper: “an ethnography of CEE populism”
  3. Methodological paper on analyzing a multi-lingual ethnographic corpus with graphs.
  4. Presentation at ICQE22 (Copenhagen, October 15-20).

We would be wrtiting most of this in September-December, after the coding has firmed and the Ethno report is finalized.

Thoughts, @rebelethno?

I had a closer look at ICQE22. The best would be to present a paper (12-15 pages, so our SR&M paper is too long).

Here’s an idea. We could use this paper to explore examples of how our techniques contribute to “major approaches in sociology and anthropology”. Adding these example to the paper was suggested by @Richard:

I imagine a simplified version of the paper: we could, for example, omit completely the discussion of the effectiveness in the reduction process in each technique (Figures 2, 3, 4 and 5, maybe even 6), referencing the paper itself (can we reference a forthcoming paper? It used to be possible). We would instead move straight from the introduction to subsection “Mapping network reduction techniques onto four major approaches in sociology and anthropology”, and from there to the examples. The only problem with this is that we will need to revisit the analysis when we finalize the main paper, because the dataset is going to keep shifting under our feet until we conclude the coding phase. Each example would be about half a page, plus a network visualization.

The deadline is 13 May, which is just right if we, now, agree to do it. My idea is:

  • @Jan, @Richard, myself, and – if they accept – @Maniamana and/or @Wojt as authors of the conf paper. Maybe @Nica too, if she’s interested.
  • All of the authors of the conf presentation, plus of course @melancon and @bpinaud as authors, as authors of the final paper. By final paper I mean a paper that includes most of our SR&M submission, plus the examples.


Edit: please note peer review obligations for conference authors:

Authors of submitted papers, poster abstracts, and symposia must agree to review at least two submissions. All submissions will be peer-reviewed by at least two members of the QE community, and review of individual submissions will be overseen by a member of the Program Committee.

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Yep (however, as usual, not a lot of spare time, especially that I may have an interview for my full professor application on May 13). Tell me what do you need.

Yay! Well done.

Nothing to do for now, Bruno. Will let you know.

Guys? This is still a deadline. Are you in?

I’m in.

Ok. Can you stay for a bit after the ethnographer’s meeting and we can discuss it?

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I said I may have an interview. And in the end, no interview -:frowning: . Better luck (yes, there is a large part of luck) next time.
Good news: I have time early may for visualizations and writing and really finish the first paper for applied network science

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