Publications from Projects

Because of our experience with the lengthly academic publication cycle, I’d like to start thinking about what papers we might get in the pipeline now from our various ongoing projects. Here’s what I see so far:

  1. CROSS- PROJECT: A paper based on what @alberto is thinking about on this thread on Open Ethnography Data across 3 different projects. At minimum @alberto and @amelia to author.

  2. OPEN CARE: A long-overdue paper on the ethnographic analysis of the content of Open Care, based upon the final report on Collective Autonomy and putting the findings in conversation with academic literature (@amelia to author). Relevant in COVID times, so making it a priority to get this out in the next 6 months.

  3. NGI: A methods paper on the ethnographic practice in NGI. This will have to wait til the end of the project, of course, but we’ve been keeping notes on the process (all or some of @Leonie, @CCS, @katejsim and @amelia to author).

  4. NGI: If the findings end up being meaningful enough, an ethnographic analysis of the NGI data (all or some of @Leonie, @CCS, @katejsim and @amelia to author).

  5. POPREBEL: I would like 2 papers, one methods and one ethnographic analysis, like in the other projects. @Jan @Wojt @Jirka_Kocian @SZdenek @Richard tagging so you are aware of this goal and can weigh in.

  6. BBU: This project is going so well that I think at the very least a methods paper must come out of it! And a content paper too. @hugi @jakobskote. We can be really creative about where and how we want to do this.

Thoughts? Interest? It would be good for all to have this in mind / start thinking about timelines and particular journals we are interested in submitting to. Conferences too, though for me this is secondary, if we ever get out of lockdown :slight_smile:


I rekindled my interest in the onthology and epistemology of qualutative research and would like to contribute to the theoretical discussion on storytelling, building narratives and its relevance in social/communal practices. So count me in!

We would be stoked! It was one of the goals of BBU to try to achieve this, so let’s try to go for it. Maybe a call is in order soon to play with the idea?


Definitely, let’s schedule one! I’m good Wed to Fri of next week or Thurs the week after?

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Very much agree on this! I see a few potential aspects of the project that could turn into a paper. Wed or Fri next week works for me, I can’t do the week after.

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I can do Wednesday before 13:00 or after 15:00!


How about Wednesday 9 my time 10 yours?

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Works for me! @jakobskote?

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I am mostly interested in methodological stuff.

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