PUNTOZERO WEBLAB about innovation and healthcare professions

The World Wide Web is increasingly useful to experiment, produce and research for identities, relations and objects in the field of “Healthcare & Innovation” such as Open Source, Open Access, 3D printing and Additive manufacturing, HCWH (Health Care Without Harm), Augmented and Virtual Reality, Co-Working, Workscaping and other important and emerging issues. The bet of PUNTOZERO is to call for interest and shape a networking model motivating healthcare professionals in sharing experiences and co-driving innovation and care programs together with patients and open networks.

Read our agenda.

The idea at the core of PUNTOZERO is that there are still often missing masses -mainly issues and narratives stood and promoted by citizens and patients- in healthcare sets and education curricula. Such issues turn to be interesting especially when dealing about and advocating for innovation, open source and access, DIY, networking, collaboration, communities of practice, etc… Healthcare professions students handle and study subjects and programs about “healthcare”, but often are not trained and motivated in practice to collaboration and innovation, for a better understanding of the society and such fast-changing world. The web represents a formidable “umwelt” for those who like to experiment, network and collaborate even in the field of health information, prevention and biomedical research. It is time to promote open care practices in medical schools, nurse schools and hospitals as well.

The project includes a accessible site via the github pages and the social networks’ groups and profiles; at the same time it supports activities, communication and resources for about 150 students of 5 healthcare professions Masters on 5 e-Learning communities of the University of Parma, in Italy. The MOODLE environment used by students and tutors is shared open source and downloadable from here.

Free to comment, join and collaborate with us!

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The OpenCare for proper educational learning

Hi again @Federico_Monaco, wow it struck me to see similarities in our approaches - the open approach to community learning in particular, and the focus on process. It seems you’re more interested in teaching students collaborative practices than growing their knowledge of healthcare, which should follow naturally as an outcome (by the way do you measure that in any way?).

I have looked for the community interactions but the only space I found was this one (empty?) Puntozero.GitHub.io by PUNTOZERO Should I go somewhere else?

One last point for now, your timeline follows closely OpenCare as well. Is it possible for non-registered students to participate in the webinars? If so, we might consider partnering up - as many community members here speak Italian and could be interested to join.

Thank you for your comment @Noemi

I’m not teaching about healthcare issues, but running a project about innovation with Education Technologies and CSCL adopting the University e-Learning site and coding by html around some github pages as you can see…

Unfortunately the  community interactions are the goal and not the mean. I’m doing my best to inspire students to share and collaborate online. From the social page you can ask to join the facebook group and DIIGO social bookmarking community; i will let in anybody asking for access. Other few e-tivities are run on the e-learning site, but the access is only for students and tutors of the campus.

The idea to run together some webinars seems great to me! In the AGENDA you find the (flexible) schedule about webinars; we might swap the listed issues, or just pick out some of them. I’d love to share ideas about such issues with anybody. We could arrange sessions in english too…and seen the interest for online ethnography have some meetings too to discuss about methods, studies and experiences.  What about starting in June talking about “e-patients and EHMs”? That would be heaven! Usually i use a doodle survey to choose date and hour, livehangout for the videosession, archived on youtube then by a playlist.

about Additive Manufacturing and 3D print for healthcare

At the end of january, the STOA (Science & Technology Office Assessment of the European Parliament) hosted a workshop about the study of the “Impact and Potential of collaborative Internet and additive manufacturing technologies”. There are many clues and references about 3D printing development, trends in the field of education and healthcare. The possible scenarios are depicted thanks to a DELPHI-like study involving experts from all over Europe.


The full study on The Collaborative Economy is available in english.

@Noemi  @Costantino   @Alberto

WEBINAR - e-patients & Health Mobilizations on the Internet

I’m seeking contributions, participants and co-organizers for a webinar at the end of the month about discussing on e-patients and online communities on healthcare issues and forms of activism, networking and engagement of patients, citizens, makers, etc… in research and social shaping of medical and healthcare technology. Anyone interested is welcome in co-designing or sketching the best formula for such a live event!

Thank you

Let’s see who’s around for the webinar…

Ping @markomanka maybe he’s interested or can connect us to someone?

Also, Federico you might want to check if @jdossou80@yahoo.com’s project of community mobilizing and raising awareness around cardiovascular diseases might be suited to cover at least part of the webinar.

Count me in for helping prepare it. Do you have a preferred tech for event delivery?

event: date & tech

Hi @Noemi and thank you for your input.

At the moment i think Live hangout might do fine, or…do you have any suggestion?

About the date…could be by the end of the month, like monday 27 for instance…Next week i will schedule it better.

Hope to get feedback and some interest about these issues…

Goal or means

Hi, @Federico Monaco  seems supercool.  How could you see a collaboration with thE WeHandU initiative?

Hi @Rune,

just got on this comment now. Great! Let’s get in touch.


Great platform for connecting like -minded people

Dear Monaco,

your concept is really awesome and supercool.Using technology to reach out to the world with sustaibale E-health solutions in schools, hospitals and community events. With this great resource, i think quality information will be accessible for people and this will help save lives… Good job, i am very impressed. Many of us will definitely love to collaborate with you to make the concept widely known especially in Africa.  You could reach out to mbotiji@gmail.com. Thanks

i surely will


At the Department of Medicine of the University of Parma we are collaborating quite a lot with foreign countries.

I will contact you.

Hello @federico_monaco,

your project looks quite interesting, especially right now in this light of a global virus pandemic leading to a shortage of qualified healthcare professionals, a lot of the wrong information being shared and many people working and learning from home!

  • Is your project still going?

  • If yes, what does it look like now?

  • What else have you been up to?

  • And can we maybe help you in any way?

Dear @MariaEuler,
the project is still going on, although changed a lot since then, balancing research and resources between curricula needs and informal learning in a Digital Social Innovation key available in the hybrid space for society at large (i’m quoting OpenCare and edgeryders here).
As research fellow now, i’m assessing and developing open education projects for medicine, surgery an nursing by a virtual lab www.360.unipr.it within the Department of Medicine and Surgery in Parma, providing best practices in the field of simulation, deliverables by an open repository (https://github.com/treseizero/download), VR solutions, e-Learning support and environmental sustainability research.

Moreover, since 2018, by a tight collaboration with local associations and the Department of Welfare of the Municipality of Parma. A github site Pablocommons as primer for social inclusion, inspired Katya Lucà - the deputy for social inclusion in the city of Parma- to connect such opportunity of mapping resilient practices and resources within the district Pablo surrounding the hospital to the european project Casper.

Mainly, by a mandate as digital expert for the italian chapter of World Organization for Prescholar Education (OMEP Italia), locked down since the beginning of march, I’m volunteering to provide support and expertise to children, families and association by organising online meetings, puppet theatre connecting on jitsi with puppeteers in Rome, VR collective drawings, homeworks help…even the local bookshop Piccoli Labirinti was supported to become a virtual exhibition with hotspots of poetry readings around the city, meant for Parma Capitol of the Culture 2020. Let’s discuss possible connections to edgeryders present effort.
Greetings from Parma

P.s.: by the way, for your information:
a) italian family doctors are sharing Googledocs about monitoring the pandemic in realtime in a common effort called movimentogiotto and
b) the italian government is using github with daily updated machine readable opendata (https://github.com/pcm-dpc) :scream::scream::+1::clap::clap::fist_right:



Absolutely. We are working on cultural as well as technical initiatives. One of our main goals is to coordinate and connect between many different initiatives, “unsung heroes” and projects, connecting those who’s skills, solutions or problems fit together and would love to connect with you and see how we can help out :). We are having a weekly Corona Crisis Response call with the community every Monday 17:00 CEST, that might be a good place to start, but I am also happy to schedule a 1o1 with you and some of our team at another time that suits you :).

Super interesting. Can this maybe also be expanded to educate people on how to treat raspiratory problems such as with the stronger cases of covid-19 with some professionalism or how to properly apply and use safty equipment

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Also: just to hear from your experiences on what worked best (puppets included ;)) to help children and families understand and feel better would be great :slight_smile:

Tomorrow i have a lecture at that time, but i’d love to join next moday sessions. @MariaEuler do you know of other districts in any country in Europe doing anytihng similar, i.e. creating commons about best and tacit practices in a DSI style? I’m in contact with the Childrens’ hospital to deliver online health education literacy for children about prevention (hand washing, social distance, etc…). I’m calling in students involved in online classes to join in, but most of physicians and healthcare professionals are yty involved on the front in the hospital.

i have a 7 year-old daughter so we are testing and experiencing anything, even VR drawings, or puppet theatre by videoconference. Informal learning can become an occasion for new friends, or for new types of collaboration between children as well. I have been working in this direction in the past two years by a couple of open projects to involve children, families and the school by simulation:

Now it’s time to put into achieve such experiences directly online for a #DIWOOL Do It With Others On Line approach. I’ll keep you updated.