Put up a crowdfunding campaign?

So I was thinking that one way in which we could think about running this project is as a kind of crowdfunding campaign. Where people are contributing something of value, in exchange for access to something of even greater value that they cannot make/access alone. Here is a template that we could maybe use for designing the project, what do you think?

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Crowdfunding is a hard skill, we can better learn it together.

With any project there are two agendas we have in mind, which a lot of the time overlap but not entirely:

  1. is to deliver to the funder

  2. is to deliver to the community by making visible resources we have as a group; and this is really why Edgeryders exists.

Project timeframes are unfortunate because they have a deadline. A community doesn’t, so it only makes sense to build greater things beyond given contexts.

An idea is to organise the many initiatives in the Youth Volunteering project and Spot the Future Bucharest, maybe even Nepal, as a massive cross country campaign - where people would build a common repository with their projects for a shared campaign. We’d need each project coming forward to be able to answer key questions:

  • Who are you?
  • What are you working on?
  • What obstacles are you coming across?
  • What other similar projects available nearby- anyway you could collaborate to pool resources and share workloads for bigger impact? 
  • What do you need if someone could put in 5 mins | 1 hour | 1 week | 1 month of work for your project?
  • What infrastructure & resources you already have? eg social media followers, online platform, shape of your network etc.

Contribution types: information OR skills/time OR money for each time slot.

Perks: you contribute, you get the same for your project. You build a sustainability model working for you and others.

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Are we pitching a crowdfunding in the traditional sense

The above template is quite nice for a typical crowdfunding campaign a la Kickstarter or Zoomaal. 

I see it as ill matched to Future Makers Global as we require no Video, no Communication Plan,  no Campaign Budget, and no rewards per se. @Nadia

@Noemi Perhaps we could create a new template based on your suggestions and the relevant part from the aforementioned ones (e.g. Target Groups & Responsibility Matrix)? If so, what format would be most applicable to the platform? PDF? (Might seem problematic to parse, search through etc…) I ask @Matthias


So there are a couple of things we might find useful in doing what you both suggest

  1. Makerfox (there is some integration with Edgeryders.eu)

  2. Forms like this one

  3. This manual for organising participatory events using the platform Edgeryders style.

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For some reason the platform insists on me posting a task :confused: Fix?

@Nadia for 2. the forms: When I fill a form, in what Format are the results recorded/presented? If we create such form for Case Studies, how will we publish them online?

Converted format from task to post

So that should solve the problem.

An example of webform results can be found here.

After the call today, some points to move discussion forward

Hi Guys,

I was going to send out the newsletter via the mailing list, but a lot of good points came up during the call today that it makes sense to summarise and think about together to plan our next moves. I’m going to frame what I understood as one sentence statements for you to contest or agree with in comments below.

  1. Both Future Makers and the Edgeryders community as a whole need a meta strategy, roadmap and tools for making collaboration attractive and sustainable at scale.

  2. The reason is that becoming really good at using our limited resources efficiently is a winning evolutionary strategy  (see Grayson Energy Matrix and Irruptive growth). Collaboration between different actors is a good way to pool and make very efficient use of resources to help each other become more resilient.

  3. In light of this possible valuable outcome/product of Future Makers that the existing and new community members would get excited about contributing to is a collaboration generator: people go in, something happens, collaborations come out.

  4. Another possible valuable outcome/product of Future Makers is a relationship builder: that people get to (quantifiably) connect and build new relationships (see our Edgesense Network Visualisation tool and Cairo Tech Map).

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