what can we as designers do? designing not only objects, but situations, society

designing society.

how can we create a community where everyone respects each other? helps each other?

don’t loose the fun!

if i am happy i can give so much more love to other people. What People? who am i in contact with?

am I caring with a smile? how much does my smile give to the bus driver?

what makes me happy?

caring doesn’t only mean to give but also to be able to receive. to connect stay in touch.

be authentic, honest.

never loose the ability to laugh about yourself.

I am not going to change the world.

too negative

I want to think about solutions that are sustainable and lead our society to better approaches.


We need to be working together and help each other. thats actually the only way to get out of this fucked up World.

Looking forward to read more.

Thanks for your thoughts @Tomma and for keeping the rest of us not in Berlin up to date.

My name is Noemi, and myself learning to live daily with a smiling face. Not very easy, but I enjoy being in my home environment - and the feeling of safety which it gives. Here is my story, looking forward to read you. By the way you can Edit your post anytime should you want to add more info about yourself. Cheers!