Radical Networks online seminar recording


I gave an online talk this Monday on online community building tools and practices to Burning Man Project and its regional network. My talk is called “Radical Networks – Building connected communities” and might be useful to anyone who is trying to get a community to work together online and offline towards a common goal. I was very happy to give this talk and share some of the insights that have come from working with The Borderland and Edgeryders.


Lookout for the SSNA and Graphryder part towards the end of the presentation.


Cool! Looking forward to listen to this @hugi


Hehe, skimmed through and I like the style - very conversational.
Congrats @hugi, well done! I am on the road now, but will take the time to listen carefully. And take notes, some stuff here is helpful for the community management trainings too.


@hugi this is a great presentation on radical community networks:) I love the dreams-realities dichotomy turning into distributive function of making things happen! Will check out #borderlands with its features and see where we collide. We work on issue and network mapping for social good on an autonomous digital platform for at-risk communities (scholars are the primary group, but connecting with artists and journalists as the current nomadic communities in transit-ion) at www.mappingfunds.com . It would be cool if we could connect the dots together and turn dreams into reality:) Hope to keep in touch


Hei @hugi so I’m in a chat with @juneholley and she says your video is going viral in the US! Did you know that? :yum:


Really? I know it got about 2000 views on Facebook and a couple of hundred on YouTube, but I don’t know about viral.


Well, viral at least among a set of people interested in system shifting networks. Would love to talk to you more about this. Also check out www.networkweaver.com, especially check out free resources which we encourage you to use and share and the blog posts https://networkweaver.com/transformative-networks-are-multiscalar/



Absolutely, let’s talk! I’ve sent you a PM to find a time.