Radical philanthropists in Europe and Africa?

Know any?

Want to (slowly) mobilise to collaborate with one?

I only know about the organism that is studying the philanthropic activities in France. The CerPhi as it is named.

But I don’t know if they have some kind of register or anything that could give contacts.


I’m trying to figure out my relationship to philanthropy. I like some of the effective altruism philosophy (I donate to givedirectly because it allows people autonomy in what they do with the money). But feel that it is just solving the surface problems and not trying to find alternative models of living.

So count me as interested! Currently in London.


Awesome @eb4890. I’m actually in London next week to present on Edgeryders’ open science methodologies at the ISNTD Festival. You around and perhaps we can we can catch up over [quote=“eb4890, post:6, topic:8031”]
alternative models of living

and more…?

Sounds good! I’m away at the moment I’ll be around and free on Thursday if that suits?

Ayayay I leave early Thursday to return to Brussels.

Next time!