"Raising awareness of development issues": is this something for some Edgeryders?

In a recent tweet, the mighty @monsitaris points to something potentially interesting:

Just out @europeaid call for tenders open to CSOs & LAs, ddl 25/09 & budget of € 77m: “Raising public awareness of development issues and promoting development education in European Union (DEAR)”, focus on migration #climatechange | #EUdev WE MOVED

This got me thinking. It looks like a big, unwieldy beast, but maybe – just maybe – we could have the opportunity to “raise awareness of development issues” by actually doing something about them, in ways that – by being open, inclusive, networked and powered by shared knowledge and tech – raise awareness by getting people’s hands dirty with the issues! I see as a possible chance to involve and support our growing network in Africa and the Middle East might be involved, starting from @Yosser, @Dorsaf, @hazem and in general the Ourghema crowd. @zmorda is on her honeymoon, but her too, of course!

@hazem, do you want to take point on this? Read the docs, maybe try to map them onto what we are good at?


i am taking a look at this tonight, may be it is a chance as you said to adapt this into a way to support people working on the ground and involve more.

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here are some notes on the call

  • The call’s main objective is to raise the awareness of EU citizens on climate change and migration as two main themes, other topics could be included as well as Gender equality and women empowerment.

  • Choosing migration as a main topic is justified by the fact that “According to the spring 2018 Standard Eurobarometer of 14 June 2018, immigration features as the top challenge that the Union is currently facing (38%), followed by security…EU’s influence in the world (11%, +2) shares sixth place with climate change (11%, -1)”

  • The stated reason or main driver of this “awareness raising” is that a lot of people are concerned and think it is important to “help people in developing countries” but a very small percent takes action.

  • The call stress on the “innovative outreach and communication to young people” and “concrete actions to empower young people” to raise awareness and encourage active engagement of citizens , Hence proposals should prioritize “working directly with citizens”

  • Involving academia and research is encouraged, specially on the climate change topic, so it could be a chance to apply the SSNA approach on a bigger scale, or partnering with climate kic and/or similar on driving the place based innovation model further.

  • The consortium ( all entities together – at least one lead applicant and 2 co-applicants established in 3 different EU member states. ) should show past experiences with successful campaigns and public actions and social media outreach with professional video material. So partnership with organizations working on alternative education, participatory community development could work.

  • Supporting third parties financially could be part of the proposal as well, meaning we can support other smaller communities on fellowship basis for example.

  • Actions must take place in a min of 8 EU member states ( varies depending on the lead applicant’s profile but this is mainly our case ) and specific project activities may take place outside of the EU as far as "they constitute a minor part of the action and directly contribute to the objectives” which could work in a form of exchange or coupling fellows from south and north Mediterranean.

  • not sure if it is the right call for us, the call basically needs to spend a lot of money on public actions and high quality videos, however it is encouraged as well to support projects and grassroots actions, so may be with the right partners a more radical proposal could be submitted focusing more on place based innovation, cross countries partnerships ( north-south) and wide scale SSNA.

Details of the call

  • duration of activities : from 24 to 48 month duration

  • total budget ( varies but this is mostly our case ) : from 7 to 12 million EUR

  • locations : as mentioned must cover a min of EU member states ( working with migration specially in east europe so potential cross activities with the recently won proposal of populism )

  • The deadline for the submission of concept notes is 25 September 2018 at 16:00 (Brussels date and time). then pre-selected applicants are asked to submit a full application.

Thanks @hazem. So, definitely not for going it alone. @anique.yael, do you think it’s worth it alerting some of our partners, to see if they want to run together? It seems mostly a bit communication project, though.