Raw meeting notes

[11:16:09 AM] Grupo Gooperativo de Las Indias: GNU social

[11:20:15 AM] Tiberius Brastaviceanu: I’ll drop some links here

[11:20:28 AM] Tiberius Brastaviceanu: I resinate with David de Ugarte here

[11:20:29 AM] Tiberius Brastaviceanu: http://english.lasindias.com/four-bets-on-change-that-will-come-in-2015

[11:21:00 AM] Tiberius Brastaviceanu: p2pValue have created a list of peer production projects

[11:21:06 AM] Tiberius Brastaviceanu: these are real initiatives

[11:21:18 AM] Tiberius Brastaviceanu: that we can put on the table and ask to develop further

[11:22:05 AM] Tiberius Brastaviceanu: Primavera is presenting the needs for IT infrastructure

[11:22:53 AM] Grupo Gooperativo de Las Indias: webrtc

[11:23:07 AM] *: list of CBPP initiatives: http://directory.p2pvalue.eu/

[11:23:08 AM] Tiberius Brastaviceanu: webRTC for communication

[11:23:15 AM] Tiberius Brastaviceanu: there is a lot of work on infrastructure development

[11:24:00 AM] Tiberius Brastaviceanu: P2PValue deliverables

[11:24:00 AM] Tiberius Brastaviceanu: http://www.p2pvalue.eu/publications/project-deliverables

[11:24:44 AM] Tiberius Brastaviceanu: other groups working on infrastructure development

[11:24:44 AM] Tiberius Brastaviceanu: http://labs.ouishare.net/

[11:25:58 AM] Nadia E.: terrar?

[11:26:01 AM] Nadia E.: terror?

[11:27:11 AM] Tiberius Brastaviceanu: So we need more coordination, or we have a coordination problem - Primavera says we need orchestration

[11:29:33 AM] Nadia E.: maybe we need space and opportunity to work together?

[11:30:01 AM] Nadia E.: problem e.g some groups invest in a stack then refuse to entertain anything else

[11:32:04 AM] Tiberius Brastaviceanu: physical infrastructure development, legal framework development, governance development, culture development, outreach, …

[11:34:12 AM] Nadia E.: space where people can come together and work differently. E.g. harnessing excess capacity- unused publicly owned spaces.

[11:35:15 AM] Nadia E.: Communication problems: explaining, packaging and outreach. Language. Teaching people to use these means to do things differently.

[11:37:18 AM] Tiberius Brastaviceanu: the discourse is still dominated by technical language

[11:37:24 AM] Tiberius Brastaviceanu: .

[11:37:25 AM] Tiberius Brastaviceanu: .

[11:37:40 AM] Tiberius Brastaviceanu: PROBLEMS: fragmentation and not enough cooreration

[11:38:27 AM] Tiberius Brastaviceanu: lack of understanding - the general population doesn’t understand us

[11:39:08 AM] Tiberius Brastaviceanu: need to answer real needs

[11:39:16 AM] Nadia E.: three points in common, to move ahead on 1) big problem: fragmentation and no cooperation.lots of projects and replication, many underresourced 2) lack of knowledge of the general audience, developers don’t see the workload and problems as perceived by end users…and general audience does not understand or know how to interact with the alternatives 3) the need to answer to real needs as perceived by end users

[11:39:25 AM] Nadia E.: Some entry points

[11:39:35 AM] Nadia E.: linked open data is good? why?

[11:39:49 AM] Nadia E.: Network topologies and what they are?

[11:40:25 AM] Tiberius Brastaviceanu: Nadia: need to understand how people are trying to do things and where the problems are

[11:40:38 AM] Tiberius Brastaviceanu: My doc: Problems in peer production

[11:40:39 AM] Tiberius Brastaviceanu: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-7U2WN6KP_c9fCdDqOFA56Ctay_mXKAu3KKEvm_Qb0I/pub

[11:41:00 AM] Tiberius Brastaviceanu: this is work in progress and I can accelerate this development during to inform this process

[11:41:28 AM] Tiberius Brastaviceanu: p2pValue has done some work too and some synthesis

[11:41:52 AM] Tiberius Brastaviceanu: Primavera: work on incentive mechanisms

[11:41:56 AM] Tiberius Brastaviceanu: this allows to scale

[11:42:11 AM] Nadia E.: incentivation mechanism: why are people contributing- ideology or whatevr? How to scale?

[11:42:13 AM] Tiberius Brastaviceanu: remove the silos of valiue creation

[11:42:27 AM] Nadia E.: Silo-bridging: creating shared bigger projects that people plug into

[11:42:32 AM] Tiberius Brastaviceanu: incentive-drive participation

[11:43:41 AM] Tiberius Brastaviceanu: Nadia knows a platform for open source software development with a crowdfunding mechanism attached to it

[11:43:45 AM] Tiberius Brastaviceanu: YHIS IS GREAT!

[11:44:15 AM] Nadia E.: inspiration cases. interesting prototypes of initiatives being deployed. Ideally

[11:44:38 AM] Grupo Gooperativo de Las Indias: https://freedomsponsors.org/

[11:48:30 AM] Nadia E.: What are our assumptions and are they valid?

[11:48:35 AM] Nadia E.: How to test them?

[11:49:08 AM] Tiberius Brastaviceanu: Lasrge open source projects have a large scale dynamics and are irrelevent for small scale open source projects, which produce the bulk of the value

[11:49:35 AM] Nadia E.: are vs small. Front visible- versus hidden enablers

[11:50:45 AM] Tiberius Brastaviceanu: http://www.google.ca/imgres?imgurl=http://dberkholz-media.redmonk.com/dberkholz/files/2013/04/committer_histogram.png&imgrefurl=http://redmonk.com/dberkholz/2013/04/22/the-size-of-open-source-communities-and-its-impact-upon-activity-licensing-and-hosting/&h=915&w=965&tbnid=QEuLG7lx2yKoAM:&zoom=1&docid=b2vaxdMJZ7MAFM&ei=PKDwVMf4FYvEggSi8oPAAw&tbm=isch&ved=0CBwQMygAMAA

[11:51:10 AM] Nadia E.: Basar

[11:51:18 AM] Nadia E.: Bazar.es?

[11:52:27 AM] Tiberius Brastaviceanu: Here’s the paper on it

[11:52:28 AM] Tiberius Brastaviceanu: http://redmonk.com/dberkholz/2013/04/22/the-size-of-open-source-communities-and-its-impact-upon-activity-licensing-and-hosting/

[11:53:15 AM | Edited 11:58:00 AM] Nadia E.: Our assumptions: A1. Lack of cooperation  A2. People don’t know what network topologies are A3. There is a need to make projects that answer to common needs

[11:56:25 AM | Edited 11:57:23 AM] Nadia E.: A4. Most value is in small scale regime open source projects, and they are missing something to draw engagement from developers and users…incentives are missing A5. Most support goes to large scale projects like Linux or Firefox  A6. Large open source projects live in a different world with large scale dynamics from most small open source projects    LONG TAIL OF OPEN SOURCE PROJECTS: What sustainability models? How to stimulate?

[12:00:40 PM | Edited 12:00:54 PM] Nadia E.: A7. Physical infrastructure for peer production is way underfunded   A8. No one understands what peer production is A9. Physical infrastructure is needed to support work on open source projects

[12:04:15 PM] Nadia E.: Political strategies for different socioeconomic realities: Comfortable countries/environments vs. where people are forced to look for alternatives

[12:05:11 PM] Nadia E.: Could finding alternative metrics to assess economic health? In decentralized realities?

[12:06:27 PM] Nadia E.: Case: hey there is more than just market value. Whole alternative system that relies on other mechanisms. Ok, what relationship is there to other social justice issues or social movements?

[12:06:42 PM] Tiberius Brastaviceanu: 1 recognize the value

[12:06:47 PM] Tiberius Brastaviceanu: communicate it

[12:07:08 PM] Nadia E.: 2. How we can measure and communicate value to private, public and third sectors?

[12:07:54 PM] Nadia E.: New evaluation mechanisms and metrics. Co-produced

[12:11:27 PM] Tiberius Brastaviceanu: Open source is destroying value in capitalism

[12:11:28 PM] Tiberius Brastaviceanu: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0BzrQyEif2HItRDZMZTVRSVdURTQ/edit

[12:11:31 PM] Tiberius Brastaviceanu: BUT!

[12:11:46 PM] Nadia E.: We need a context: distributed architectures in health. Backdrop is explording welfare costs and aging demographic

[12:11:50 PM] Tiberius Brastaviceanu: it reduces the cost to research equipment, including medical research

[12:12:27 PM] Tiberius Brastaviceanu: So we can run with that - demography, aging populaton, we need to reduce the stress in the healthcare system

[12:12:40 PM] Tiberius Brastaviceanu: therefore Open source makes sense, since these are also public systems, no market logic

[12:12:52 PM] Nadia E.: Bingo.

[12:14:23 PM] Tiberius Brastaviceanu: most jobs re created in small companies

[12:14:30 PM] Tiberius Brastaviceanu: there is job loss in large companies

[12:14:31 PM] Nadia E.: A9. Big companies are becoming more inefficient because you no longer need scale for production 10. Small companies (and projects) is where jobs are Feb Feb 27, 2015

[12:14:44 PM] Tiberius Brastaviceanu: so how to help small companies?

[12:14:51 PM] Tiberius Brastaviceanu: or small scale initiatives

[12:15:06 PM] Nadia E.: 11. We need to present as a result suggestions for politicians to help smaller companies

[12:15:29 PM] Tiberius Brastaviceanu: HP is threatend by open source and trying to restructure in ordert to stay alive

[12:15:30 PM] Tiberius Brastaviceanu: http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2015/02/19/hp-to-sell-open-source-networking-gear/?ref=technology&_r=0

[12:24:16 PM] Grupo Gooperativo de Las Indias: lamatriz.org

[12:24:58 PM] *: sorry, I need to drop off the call

[12:25:11 PM] *: thanks for organizing this Nadia