Reach out to UNDP country offices for travel grants

UNDP Armenia supported one person to come to LOTE4. It would be a good idea to reach out and propose this to the COs we are working with already. Noemi, what do you think? Can you do it?



Yes, I’m preparing a letter putting forward the proposal. Any way we can mention that Giulio is officially coming? As well as the other confirmed speakers? It could weigh in quite a lot, actually in any invitation letter.

For pitches look in the doc I just shared with you


Experience in working with Erasmus+?

Seems like they should have money for this type of activity/travel grants:

But I don’t have any experience with them, don’t know if the time to go through the application process compensates the outcome. Anyone?

How about the embassies?

Make a template invitation Letter for participants, and reach out to embassies in Brussels to ask if they can pay for travel for 1-2 people from their country.

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Waiting for answers.

UNDP Ukraine says they don’t have budget and activities planned for next year, so can’t make a move. We’ll see what the others say.

@KiraVde Erasmus+ actions “Learning mobility in the field of training, education and youth” involves a study period or traineeship for a minimum of 2 two months according to the programme guide of 300pages!!. Plus ER would need to be registered as a receiving organisation (pp 27-37). Urgh… doesn’t look appealing at all.

Fingers crossed for UNDP Armenia! Good luck dear!

UNDP Nepal doesn’t have any money to send anyone from Nepal to join LOTE,I just got a reply.

Done, but

… with no positive results. onwards.