Reading the wiki, any guidance?

@Bembo_Davies I am reading the Book of Errors wiki. However, most pages seem to be just placeholders – Lots of Lorem Ipsum Dolor! The link (accessible from the blue “Wiki, also known as the Book of Errors” in is:

Ahhh - perhaps a common misplaced step.

You seem to have gone into Card Deck - an orphaned project that became superceded by

the item following it The Book of Mistakes  

which brings you to an introductory page and then back to the table of contents.  Once you have then opened one page you can click your way forward (or backward).

Trust this helps.


We are doing the graphic design work with Lusia Lapacciana and it is coming up quite elegantly.  I did talk with Marc about his wiki configuration - he says that he cannot fully mimic the functions of the w pedia because he hasn’t the banks of spam filters, but that it is in practice equally open should anyone who wishes seeks access.  That said said Jeff Andreoni had trouble adding commentary.  If you’d try, we’d know if this too is off.

Sure, I can try

Can you give me login details? There is no SignUp link, so you or another admin will have to create my account. Set the user to alberto.cottica, set the password to changeme, and let me know. I will try to make some edits and report any trouble.

We’d already created an account for you under acottica.  At this stage when we are fussing with flow and using the originals to build a layout design, a least intrusive change would be a footnote with a quote and a link.   I welcome your contributions.

Shall I

update the website link then, from ‘Wiki’ to ‘Book of Mistakes’? Bem could you provide a short paragraph?