Receive and sign the MOU

The final step to complete your application!

Once you have completed all the previous steps give us a heads up at noemi[at]edgeryders[dot]eu and we will send you the MOU to sign. This means you should be part of this final and stellar group of people and projects!

What is the MOU?

The Memorandum of Understanding is a contract between all the participants in the OPENandChange joint application for the 100 million Usd grant. The purpose is to ensure that everyone knows what they are committing to, what they can count on the others to do, and how the resources will be distributed if/when we win the grant.

The OPENandChange Memorandum of Understanding contains:

  • A proposal for how we will, together, tackle the challenge of fixing care i.e. the application text.
  • What the different projects will be doing individually as well as how they will be collaborating
  • How the money will be distributed (budget allocated to each project) as well as how it will be managed.
  • How we will ensure that every single project, and OPENandChange as a whole, lives up to high ethical and scientific standards.
  • How we will foster a working culture that is open, inclusive by default and respectful towards all.
  • How we will deal with any problems that arise along the way. How we will strive to ensure the experience is a generative and rewarding one for every single participant.

What next?

Once we recieve your signed MOU document you will be added to to the official OPENandChange proposal page which will be unveiled during the 1 hr crowdconference on September 20!

Edgeryders takes responsibility for finalising the official application document and submitting it on behalf of the participants. But our work does not stop there: we will continue to pursue and generate opportunities for participants personal and professional growth e.g. through our OP3N fellowship program and LOTE6, our big community learning event taking place in September 2017 [URL to info/early bird sign up page].

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