Recruitment and Onboarding budget 2024

Hi @reef-recruitment , tagging @alberto here too

Sorry for the late heads up, but we noticed that your team spent last year (2023) more than what was provisioned.
From the below table you can see you spent 514 euro out of 150 provisioned.
This year you indicated 300 euro, but can i suggest to increase it to 500 or 600 euro?

Let me know,

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Agree. Especially in view of @Lee’s call to bring in more sociocracy, etc.

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The figure of 300 that I gave concerned room reservations for six potential public presentations. I don’t really understand the breakdown of the expenses in the screenshot, so I leave that to Lie as the previous coordinator. However, speaking as the current coordinator of Team R&O, no problem to make it 600 to be safe for 2024. Just for the record though, I’ve accounted for most of the increased sociocracy training in the Team Facilitation budget… :slight_smile:

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ok, sounds good. @Lee , ok to increase it to 600 euro then for 2024?

Iis it possible that the budget is higher than what we predicted because the drinks have been booked on our line?

We organised 4 presentations, so that comes down to 200 euro.

That being said, I am going to bring in an objection to the way we are running our financial process, but I’ll do that in the budget thread and later today when I have access to my laptop.

i don’t think so. But we can check, i guess. @Lee , do you agree with increasing the budget, as i want to present the budget today and it changes the budget numbers :slight_smile: Thanks

Hi @ugne,

I am really sorry that I come up with it so late. I have been overwhelmed and should have prioritised this better.

The thing is that I have a fundamental objection about how we approach this budget exercise, which means that I won’t be able to consent tonight to any possible amounts that are put forward.

I would have liked to have found the time to quickly write it up, but time seems to be slipping through my fingers today. Let’s talk when we see each other at the plenary?

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Sure, @Lee , no problem. We also started looking at the budget quite late, so we could have also posted it earlier and so people (like yourself) had more time to look at it and react on it. I guess the point taken (your thread and what you expressed yesterday) and we will work around to find solution and re-present the budget (rather present how and not what as the latter is kind of clear).

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