Register to LOTE4

Who got a ticket already? When do I get mine?

Here is an automatically updated list of everyone who has ordered a LOTE4 ticket on Makerfox, and the progress they made towards getting it:

(If you can’t see the list embedded above, you can also see the list here.)

When you see “100.0% of the ticket earned” behind your name in this list, you can be sure to receive your LOTE4 ticket shortly. It may still take a day for the Makerfox to make the deal for you, and you getting the ticket itself – for both, you will get an e-mail. You will also get updates by e-mail whenever your “percentage of the ticket earned” increases, and you can track it in this list. It happens whenever we register that you completed a task for LOTE4 – if we don’t register it in a few days at most, just remind us :wink: