Registration form ready for testing

Hello, today I had 5 minutes and set up a registration form on Nextcloud based on @Lee’s.

Test it here.

Later I will create a Nextcloud user for any of you who wants to see the results.

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Thanks a lot @alberto !

Four questions:

  1. Starting time: my understanding was that we would start at 19:30 (doors open at 19:00) and not at 18:00? Is this a typo or a difference in understanding?
  2. Why did you add a question about people’s interest in a cohousing? Isn’t that more of a question that we’ll ask (in more detail) to the people who would like to attend the workshop in May?
  3. Is the confirmation email (with the venue’s address) automatic, or do we need to do it manually?
  4. Can we add a question on how they learned about meeting? (through Edgeryders, internet, email, friends, Facebook, flyer, …)?

I had not looked it up. But, if doors are at 19.00, should we not say it starts at 19.00?

Mostly curiosity. I made it optional, and happy to delete it if that’s what you want.

Not automatic. In fact, should we already write the full address on the form’s text? Or just take it upon ourselves to send each registrant a mail?


Heads up: forms are NOT shared in NextCloud. To share results, we must export them (see: Forms - Apps - App Store - Nextcloud).

If I share this form, the results will initially be visible only to me, until I export them onto a sharted spreadsheet.

It all depends on what you are used to. Personally I prefer to differentiate between the starting time and the time people can enter the venue.

Can I propose the following for the text at the top of the form?

This form is to register for presentation of Cohousing The Reef’s on 21 April 2022.

Registration is mandatory and is automatic upon fillling in this form.

Starting time: 19:30 (sharp); Doors open: 19:00.

Location: Salle Miro [add address]

You will receive a confirmation by email prior to the meeting.

That sounds like extra work.

I’ll respect your team’s autonomy the fullest, but personally I would have left this form on Google, given that has a clear end date: 21/04. After that the only thing we need is the Excel sheet with the resulting data. But hey, as I said: if this is how you would like to do it, then that’s how we’ll do it :grinning:

It does sound like extra work. OK, Google it is. Please insert the link to your form on the page; make the necessary adjustments; and then we can go live. We still need a line of presentation text each from @Malcolm and @Sabine_B_Frank.

@alberto : can you take care of the “contact us”? I’d do it, but I don’t know how.

Working on it, but need Owen. Let’s just go public while I fix it.