Regular team meetings

Hi @reef-finance,
Hope you are all enjoying your winter break.
When you have a moment, please reply to the poll below so we can start the year with the regular legal/finance team meetings.

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Sunday

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Hi Ugne, I would like to see my new schedule before responding to the poll - is it ok if I do so next week?

Hi @ugne ! What time(s) is the poll about?

I guess an hour between 18h00 & 20h00, we can decide to adjust to everyone’s timetable

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OK, thanks @ugne . I also see there are no dates, so I guess the question is “are you available every xxxday?”… I have many activities in the evening, however none of them is a regular, weekly one. So I’ll leave the poll unticked (might as well tick all the days).

Second this. Plus, plenaries shift: if they are on Mondays in January, they will be on Tuesdays in Februaries, etc. So, I suggest we:

  • Follow the same days of the week as the plenaries, but on alternate weeks.
  • Follow systematically different days as the plenaries, for example when plenaries are on Mondays we have our meetings on Tuesdays.

Also question: are you OK with a monthly meeting? I don’t think we need biweeklies if we work online regularly. Right?

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Hi @reef-finance

Sorry for my silence, we had a pretty long holidays and then a crazy workload wave hit me this week, so didn’t have a chance to check anything. Lots of things to catch up. I would like to set a calendar with our meetings, that’s all. Also, i met Lie in December and it seems we have a loooot to do before end of March, so don’t think monthly meetings will work, but we can see. Would you agree if i set up meetings on:

Monday, 16 Jan

Wed, 1 Feb

Wed, 15 Wed

Tue, 28 Feb

Wed, 15 March

Tue, 28 March

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Hi Ugne :slight_smile:
About half the dates would be fine with me.

Hi @reef-finance ,

@Margot and I noted the Reef is not among our top priorities and we can’t engage as much as we would like to. We will thus be leaving the reef, and as for myself, I will be leaving team finance. I wish good luck with the project and I’m sure you’ll make something beautiful out of it


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Sorry to lose you, Joris and Margot! Good luck with your own endeavours.

Ping @Lee

Thanks for your message and for organising, Ugne. While I don’t have a lot of capacity for the moment, I agree that monthly meetings don’t seem enough and I prefer to be able to exchange face to face/orally rather than in writing. For most of the meetings you propose, there don’t seem to be major calendar clashes for the moment.

Hi @reef-finance ! I can do all those dates I think. I just had one question about the one scheduled for this Monday: 7.30 am must be a mistake right? :sweat_smile:

All the best for the future @jorisvanmol @Margot !

Thanks Ugne, I agree with the schedule and will be present except for the two Tuesdays.

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Good catch! Of course, a mistake. Just edited it. @Ugne, do we have an agenda? Shall I attempt to make one?

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Thanks, everyone! Pity to loose @jorisvanmol but i understand. For the rest, let’s talk tomorrow at 7:30pm. I will put something up tomorrow, had a very busy week. My main idea was to present you the list of things we should be doing and completing by end of March. And have a discussion about it. Does that sound ok as an agenda?

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If this can be of help: I added some of the topics I discussed with Ugne as topics that I think need a discussion or presentation at the plenary (you can always make changes to this of course). For me this list (internal link) makes it a bit more visible what we still need to do as a group.

Would you be willing to have a look at this, and see whether you’d be able to bring forward a couple in February? Looking at the list I worry that too many topics will come up in March, so I figured I’d flag this so we can work this out together.

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Thanks @Lee , we will be discussing exactly that tomorrow so an update will follow shortly.

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Hi @reef-finance ,
See a quick proposal for an agenda tomorrow. The main discussion, I believe, should be around the priority list. Feel free to add any other topics that i might have missed.


Hello @ugne and all,

the proposed agenda is copied below, but with a change I would like to make. This: I propose to integrate in item 3 taking a hard look at the general checklist for purchasing a site, made by Lie, and comprehensive (but probably incomplete, because new stuff comes up as we go, and on some items I think the consensus is evolving). The part about finance is 1.5 pages.

  1. Check in
  2. Latest updates: confesseurs process (things to be done)
  3. Reviewing the cheklist for purchasing a site and making a priority list of things to be done by end of March (20’).
  4. Identifying people/peers to work on the priority list
  5. Other business
  6. Checkout
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