Reinvent the unMonastery Website

The unMonastery website is due a rebuild and redesign. The current setup kind of worked but it doesn’t make sense anymore. I have a rough idea but I wanted to ask for suggestions, either in the form of specific points, changes, content or functionality. Examples of good designs that might suit unMonastery also hugely useful.

Also if you want to help, get in touch, it’s unlikely this will happen until post-LOTE3.

Here’s some thoughts Ilaria shared recently, some are quick edits I intend to make soon!

"Comments on the Website:
I would make it clearer that there is the general unMon stuff, and the 1st prototype in Matera. Imagining also a future when next to Matera you will have other communities :-) 

Home page: just by clicking on the unMon logo?

- shorthand / slightly longer explanation

The unMonastery (just once, with the scroll: take away what is the unMon?)

- About (take away repetition on the page: "what is unMonastery?" above the Definitions)
- Blog (without the repetition: the unMonastery)

1st Prototype:

- Matera
- Challenges 
- Co-Design
Content issues: 
- The residencies are NOT the Palazzo del Casale (that's where the MT2019 offices are!)
- Andrea Paoletti is not in charge anymore, but Rita Orlando is: in the co-design text Andrea wrote this should be changed, also because the link goes directly to him instead of Rita! "