Relevant Events for POPREBEL

As time is flying, we should think of mapping relevant events that partners could take in consideration to attend. In order to save the dates and have everything in one place, I will create a calendar. For this it would be very useful to get your contributions!

At the Consortium meeting in London, we have mentioned the following:

  • FATIGUE Consortium meeting, March, Krakow – normally, the information will be sent to us (@jan, @richard?)

  • Current Populism in Europe – What’s Next?, 27-28 May, Prague

  • International conference Revisionism, Anti-Semitism, Restitution, June, Belgrade (it will gather mostly policy makers and relevant international stakeholders)

  • History Fest, June, Sarajevo

  • UACES Annual Conference, 1-4 September, Lisbon

  • POPREBEL Engagements seminars with policy makers and focus groups – locations need to be decided upon (taking place next year): Tallinn in March 2020, Prague, Budapest or Warsaw in April 2020, Belgrade in September 2020 – linked also to the FATIGUE meeting, Prague, Budapest or Warsaw in November 2020.

Could you please add in comments any additional information about the events above, especially the FATIGUE meeting in March, as well as others you find interesting? @jan @richard @kszabo7 @Maja @MariaAlinaAsavei @supernova @AgaSadecka @atetenyi @Jirka_Kocian

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Cool, thanks for this Marina.

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@natalia_skoczylas & I registered for re:Publica in Berlin, May 6-8.
Even if we dont get a speaker slot, she intends to go and report back :smiley:

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Transeuropa Festival: this year from 4-10 November in Palermo!
Topic is: ‘Beyond the Nation’ with a post-colonial, feminist approach.

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NB: In order for it to bring you a max nr of relevant contacts, I would recommend doing alot of PR including printing flyers to get people to your slot. And if you dont get a slot you can do a lunch meetup, again lots of flyers.

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Perhaps a bit mainstream, but:

Democracy Live festival, 11-13 April

JOIN us on the beautiful Dutch island of Texel, where we will gather high-level decision-makers, elected representatives, organised civil society, businesses, trade unions, influencers, activists and, of course, thousands of your fellow citizens from every corner of Europe!

There will be debates, discussions, workshops, live music, screenings and countless other creative events organised by the various organisers.

SIGN UP on to receive updates on the festival and let us know that you’re coming!

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For those in Berlin these days:

Bauhaus Imaginista - free conference on Populism and contemporary issues in politics, this weekend

Tomorrow, a free workshop with Saskia Sassen about European cities and regions - and a lot more in the program of the festival

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In Belgrade in September - street art festival

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