Reply to: Are social networks really helping social connections?

Your precious post tell me that all depends how we use this new instruments of human relations and what we say to them about us.

I think, these instruments are not dangerous in themselves, their primary objective is to connect the peoples in different way. Much depends on us and the relationships that we create.

What is helping social connections?

I don’t think that social media is dangerous.

To be honest with you, I am more worried about the profusion of nuclear weapons spread everywhere, than the expansion of social networks!

A culture of risk aversion is the most significant impediment to greater participation in social media.

If social networks, or social media are just tools, what is helping social connections?


Is the concept that I try to explain to people I know, of course, social networks are not just tools like the Internet is not. There are many kind of media that help to create and to manage social connections. For me it’s not simple communicate usefulness of these new ways for interaction, example to my parents.

I need to clarify to myself the first, so thank to you and to all Edgeryders for the help me to reflect on these concepts.

Must reads

Hi SteLics, there are at least two outstanding mission reports regarding our presence in the social media, maybe reading them and interacting with the authors can shed some light…

  1. MissyK8’s Living Online : A love-hate relationship with facebook & co.

  2. Ildim’s Meaningful diversity: on the art of curating your relationships online (she will be speaking about this at the conference next week as well,  by the way I hope you are coming!)

Hope this helps!