Reporting from the POPREBEL supervisory board meeting in London

On Thursday last week, I represented Edgeryders at the meeting of POPREBEL’s supervisory board, in London. All partners were represented.

The salient things are:

  • The project appears to be on track. The main timeline glitch was the data management plan, which however is now a thing of the past. Partners reported that the current activities were not particularly problematic in terms of delivery time.
  • This also was the case of Edgeryders. Our next deliverables will emerge from the ethnographic coding of the content generated so far. They are: the ontology of the POPREBEL conversation (as it comes out of the Codebook) and its interactive dashboard (currently under development by Matthias. The POPREBEL corpus has now cleared the 200K words milestone, with 117 participants and over 800 posts, so quantity is no issue. @Jan, who is doing the coding of the Polish part himself, was also pleased about the quality. Both deliverables are due at the end of January.
  • The amendment to the GA was at the time still under way. I see that it has been signed by UCL and submitted today.

One interesting thing: Jan participated to the meeting via remote, and even chaired it. I think that would be a good practice for everyone – international travel to be in a 3-4 hour meeting is a bit climate-careless (even though I traveled by train, most partners flew in). @Richard, do you think we could do SB meetings in remote in the future?


@alberto In general, that shouldn’t be a problem. As most of the other partners are also involved in the PhD project and a joint MA and thus have to attend 4-5 days’ worth of meetings, it makes more sense for them to be physically present but you could certainly Skype in for future POPREBEL SB/GA meetings, although you will probably need to be present for the Mid-Term Review meeting with the Project Officer and the Expert Reviewers in Budapest in March.

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That’s already on my calendar!

:+1: Eccellente!