Reporting on beta tests: first impressions

Piloting Edgeryders before sharing it with the world was based on several considerations: like any complex machinery, our platform needed a test drive and better yet, a collective one; from a technical point of view, it’s better to have as many eyes as possible detecting bad workings. Then, we wanted to stay true to Edgeryders values of openness and collaboration and make sure, through validation from the community, that we’re heading to the right direction with the interface design of the platform. Lastly, by having a first encounter with Edgeryders we get to witness reactions, see what their likes and needs are in terms of content (in Edgeryders language, core content directed to participants is in the form of missions). All these were inquired through last week’s beta testing of the project. Most important lesson from the experience: Edgeryders are spirited and alive!

Diversity by Nate Williams

100 testers from 20 countries signed up in the course of this last month. They are located not just in Europe’s corners, but in Canada, US, India, Morocco as well. Over the course of three too-short-days of gaming, about two thirds of them made an appearance on Edgeryders secret location, like showing up on a first blind date. For some, it was love at first sight: they immediately set up to explore, complete missions and win reps (reputation points); others needed to be guided through the process, but the team and newly trail blazers were there to show the way. Although some ryders got lost the first time or simply did not have enough time to wander, they came back scrutinizing, following advice and setting up their profiles. 33 people have created a public profile. Out of these, 20 completed a mission following instructions. This means they spent good minutes reflecting on their transition stories, putting them in writing, as well as carefully reading and commenting on others’… not bad for three days, what do you think? Not everybody is the fast paced, action ryder; some, myself included, need time to figure exactly what they have to do and prefer to watch first. For example, I received messages from members asking how to get around or wishing to have more time so that they become accustomed with the setting. This is perfectly natural and proof of how diverse our community will be. We don’t want people having to fit a predetermined Edgeryders; rather, we want Edgeryders to respond to a whole range of needs regarding personal ownership. After all, this is meant to be a public space which nonetheless becomes private at times. Only by finding a balance between the two will we arrive at meaningful interactions. We encourage all those who have or haven’t begun completing missions in this first campaign in which we get to know each other (Bootcamp), to stick around until we ryde full steam ahead ! Also, stay with us for the upcoming discussion of feedback reports, later this week !

will there be another trial following evaluation? Great work so far. All the best to the creative team and edgeryders

Thanks Michele, it is great having you! Nope, there won’t be another trial, at least not in the current planning… we’re working on the final version of Edgeryders, integrating feedback from the community and polishing it up so that it’s ready to go live as soon as possible.

Michele :slight_smile:

I am really enthusiast about the final version of EdgeRyders !

Congratulates for the moment, I consider is a great step ! Keep going on !

Hey Michelle and Tudor, thanks for the <3 I would like to do a second trial before we go totally open, will look into whether we can do this with the rest of the team. xxx Nadia

Also I don’t know why I keep spelling your name with one L too many :frowning: will stop.