Repository of general purpose images that complement StF

I embedded source, licensing and author information in each image. To find just right click on each image > “details and activity”. Access:

Great initiative

Thanks for this Said, this is something we never find the time to do and so it is super useful!

I can;t however see the licensing and authoring of the pics per se, “details and activity” simply shows who uploaded them and when… but not the source of the images. Am I doing smth wrong? If yes, a printscreen would help…

Keep up the good work!

Hi Noemi. Glad you find it useful. Just right-click on each image and you will find in the drop down menu something like “details and activity”. Let me know how it goes for you… I included all the info you need there.

In case others don’t know, I used google image search and filtered by “licensed for reuse”. I also filtered for large sized images. The better the resolution the better it will look on a website.

maybe i need to add you as an admin to the pics. we’ll see now

Print screen helped!

Thanks, I see it now.

By the way, looking for creative commons licensed images over the last days I came across this super useful search website:

It aggregates wikimedia and flickr, freestock etc and it has much better visualization and scrolling features, probably also loading speed than flickr for example which drove me mad :slight_smile:


High five for

Thanks for the tip, Noemi. Didn’t know, and EarthOS was missing a good open content image search engine. Now it has one :slight_smile: